Evan Spiegel Admires Wife Miranda Kerr’s Co-Parenting with Ex Orlando Bloom

Evan Spiegel, the Snapchat CEO, spoke a bit about his supermodel wife, Miranda Kerr’s dedication to motherhood for WSJ Magazine’s, Marriage Of Mindfulness issue.

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The couple, who share son Hart, 2, and Myles, 9 months, also balance co-parenting Kerr’s son Flynn, 9, with ex-husband, Orlando Bloom.

“I am in no way a replacement for Flynn’s dad”

Spiegel, a child of divorce himself, was surprised by how ‘different’ Miranda and Orlando’s relationship is from what he witnessed while younger.

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“What I saw from Miranda and Orlando was very different from what I experienced,” Spiegel says. Their modern co-parenting means that raising the kids is a team effort. “I am in no way a replacement for Flynn’s dad. I feel like [I’m part of] Team Flynn.”

“Everyone is welcome”

Orlando Bloom is a ‘welcome’ visitor, according to Spiegel. “This is one of the things I love about Miranda. Everyone is welcome. It’s the Aussie way.” And the extended group is growing as Orlando and fiance, Katy Perry are expecting their first child.

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The businessman realized early on that Flynn was the center of the model-turned-beauty mogul‘s life. Spiegel recalls how he gave Miranda a gingerbread house with her and Flynn’s names on it during their very first date. It seemed to work for the couple, who wed in 2017.

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Miranda Kerr had to make the first move

Miranda Kerr revealed that she had to make the first move with her husband, when they first met at a Louis Vuitton event. Kerr and Spiegel were seated next to each other at the Museum of Modern Art, where the event took place. And it was Kerr who struck up a conversation with the tech tycoon.


The duo had a great time chatting, and Kerr told Spiegel her favorite song was “Spiegel im Spiegel,” by Estonian composer, Arvo Pärt. It was a tune which Kevin never heard. Shortly after, they exchanged numbers and Spiegel abruptly left.

“All of a sudden he gets up,” Kerr explained, adding that Kevin didn’t follow up later.

“I thought I had no chance”

A month later, Miranda gathered the courage to once again make a move, and texted Spiegel, “Just wondering. Did you ever listen to that song, ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’?”

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What Miranda didn’t know was that her future husband hadn’t reached out because he had no idea she was interested in him. “I thought I had no chance [with Miranda], so I wasn’t going to waste my time,” Spiegel confessed. Today, Kerr, 37, and Spiegel, 30, have been married for nearly three years.

Kerr and Spiegel on Parenting

During this quarantine, Miranda and Evan are focusing on parenting and other practical pieces of life.

“[Flynn’s] screen-time restrictions are out the window,” Spiegel admits, However, Kerr disagreed and was quick to clarify, “We do limit screen time around here.”

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Though the couple admits that they “see the world very differently,” Spiegel says their difference in perspective is a ‘huge strength’ for them. “There’s nothing more helpful than having someone who loves you, and knows you really well, point out a different perspective.”

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