Enhypen's Jungwon Dragged For Immature Jibe At Students Taking College Entrance Exam

Enhypen’s Jungwon Dragged For Immature Jibe At Students Taking College Entrance Exam

The College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) is a college entrance exam that is required to apply to a good college in South Korea. It was held on November 19 in Seoul, was attended by a large number of students; including young idols who wish to continue their study.

Fans cheered on celebrities like Treasure’s Doyoung and VeriVery’s Kangmin as they took tests in person and on social media. Other idols sent encouraging comments to their fans as well; but Enhypen Jungwon’s remark irritated some.

Enhypen visited VLive on November 18 to discuss their forthcoming fan meeting. The topic of the CSAT exam came up while the members were conversing with fans; because it was held the day before their fan meetup. After passing their CSAT exam, Enhypen members predicted that a large number of followers would arrive. They went on to say that they hoped fans did well on their exams.

“The ones who are here watching this VLive could be the ones who didn’t do well on the CSATs, right?” Jungwon remarked. He was most likely trying to make a lighthearted joke, but it offended several Korean fans.

While some Korean fans who had taken the CSAT indicated they were unconcerned about the remark, others sparked outrage on social media. Jungwon apologized after the response on social media. On November 19, the Enhypen member apologized for his immature statements in a Facebook post. “I was nervous of meeting you all in person after a long time,” he added, “but on the other hand, I think I couldn’t fathom the feelings of the exam takers; who had been struggling with their studies for a long time”.

Some supporters believe it wasn’t a huge deal because Jungwon is only 17 years old and hasn’t fully grasped the gravity of the CSAT tests; but they welcomed his apologies.

Some Engenes made posts like, “I can see why knetz are so upset about what jungwon said about the csat situation so guys I don’t think y’all should excuse what he said since it’s pretty clear it wasn’t a mistranslation since lots of korean fans are upset. Another fan shared, “We will never understand the disappointment of csat’s taker on Jungwon, they were definitely hurt. Even some of his fans were taking a break. Sunoo’s facial expressions says it all, he also got shocked on what Jungwoon said. I still hope that kengenes did a great job on the exam.”

One Engene commented, “Everyone makes mistakes so that’s okay Wonie ENGENE will stay beside and support you guys.” Another said, “Jungwon apologized about what he said about the CSAT yesterday :(((( pls, i’m going to cry.. jungwon best boy indeed :((( i love you so much, my jungwon. i’ll forever be saying that. :(((.”

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