Elizabeth Olsen Reveals Her Mom Addressing Her As The Wrong Marvel Hero News

Elizabeth Olsen Reveals Her Mom Addressing Her As The Wrong Marvel Hero

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Time icon March 4, 2021

Elizabeth Olsen’s portrayal of Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision is for sure a marvel to behold. The actress recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show as she told Jimmy Fallon.

She revealed that her mother, Jarnett Olsen, has been using the wrong name for her Marvel Cinematic Universe hero, Scarlet Witch. Elizabeth has been portraying the role of Wanda since Captain America: The Winter Soldier premiered back in 2014.

The actress revealed, “My mom just told me the other day that she’s been calling me the ‘Red Witch’ for the last—she said four years, but I think I’ve been doing this for like six or seven.” However, she shared that her mother finally realized that she was called Scarlet Witch last week.

Elizabeth shared that her mother was confused as to why she never corrected her or thought to point her to the right direction. The actress shared, “She was like, ‘Why didn’t you ever correct me?’ And I just told her, ‘I just thought you were making a joke. I didn’t know that’s what you thought my name was!'”

Of course for Jarnett it was not the first time as she knows a thing ot two about showbiz. Elizabeth is not the only one member of her family to find success in Hollywood. Everybody remembers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in Full House.

While Elizabeth was on the show, Jimmy tried to get some information about the WandaVision finale that will premiere on Friday, March 5. However, being in Marvel so long, she knows how to deal with her cards.

WandaVision Latest Episode Introduces New Villain

“I think it answers the rest of the questions that people might have and leaves things open the way Marvel needs to, to link everything back to the films,” she replied cagily. “And it’s a Marvel finale!”

WandaVision’s latest episode introduces S.W.O.R.D.’s true sentient weapon. The episode revealed White Vision who was set up for grabbing viewers’ interest for the showdown between the ‘real’ Vision and white Vision along with Scarlet Witch in the finale.

White Vision’s shocking introduction was rather clever from Director Hayward. The project of the character was teased in the last episode as it was called Project Cataract. Last episode the superhit Disney+’s show introduced Agnes as Agatha Harkness and had stolen most of the attention.

The addition of White Vision is the latest in a long line of superheroes being forced to fight versions of themselves. The Arrowverse’s Flash has battled all dark versions of themselves. The introduction of White Vision will be a reminder for the ‘real’ Vision and Wanda that if it had not been for their humanity and the Avengers, either of them could have been used as weapons for someone else.

However, that was the initial intention for the creation of both their characters. Wanda was created by HYDRA’s experiments in Sokovia and Vision was created by Ultron as his final, unstoppable form. White Vision proved to bring all of that to a full circle. The new character or alternative of Vision will act as a reminder of every nightmare Vision and Wanda had.

And it goes without saying that all of us are pretty excited to see what happens in the finale. If you haven’t already checked out all theories for the finale, do check it out here.  

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