Divya Khosla Kumar hits back at Sonu Nigam, Twitterati trolls her badly

Divya Khosla Kumar shared a video questioning Sonu Nigam’s accusations, but she is getting trolled badly by the netizens in return!

It all started with the singer Sonu Nigam urging the music companies to be more considerate towards the newcomers. However, it soon turned into a battle between him and T-Series.

In the last video, Sonu Nigam had warned Bhushan Kumar to not mess with him anymore. Now the producer’s wife Divya Khosla Kumar has lashed out at the singer. Posting an 11-minute long video, she has said the T-Series has given break in the entertainment industry to a number of people. She also went on to question Sonu as to how many people he has helped till date. Divya also claimed that 97% of people working in T-Series are not starkids.

The producer’s wife also talked about how Gulshan Kumar had seen Sonu singing in a Ramleela in Delhi. And he had brought him to Mumbai, promising to make him a star.

Divya’s video further sees her calling Sheru who has been working for the Kumar family since 1988. The cook of the family confirms what Divya’s claims.

She further questioned the singer’s relationship with Abu Salem and also demanded for an investigation in the matter. Divya seemed angry at the trolls as she revealed that she has been receiving rape threats and her husband and kid has been getting death threats since Sonu posted his video.

Bhushan’s wife also addressed the #MeToo allegations on her husband. She said that there have been so many girls who have taken advantage of the movement. She even said that even she can make false #MeToo allegations on Sonu, as it’s very easy to make allegations without any proof.

However, this has not gone well with the netizens as they have been trolling Divya.

Check out some of the memes on Divya’s video here:

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