YouTuber Myka Stauffer breaks silence on ‘rehoming’ her five-year-old son News

YouTuber Myka Stauffer breaks silence on ‘rehoming’ her five-year-old son

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Time icon June 25, 2020

Youtuber Myka Stauffer is breaking her silence and addressing the ‘uproar’ that led after she rehomed her five-year-old son.

Last month, Myka and her husband James revealed that they rehomed their austistic five year old to live with other family.

Myka began by apologizing for the confusion and pain that she caused after revealing that they gave away their son, Huxley to another family.

She apologized saying she is sorry for letting down women who looked up to her as a mother. Myka took to Instagram to post a lengthy message addressing the situation.

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Myka had 715k subscribers on YouTube before the scandal. At present she has 696k subscribers. She admits to taking full responsibility for everything that happened.

‘I’m sorry for the confusion, and pain I have caused. And I am sorry for not being able to tell more of my story from the beginning,’ she wrote.

Myka reveals that she never anticipated the incidents that occurred in her personal life. She wrote she is trying to navigate the hardest thing that happened to her.

Myka reveals that she was in over her head when she decided to adopt Huxley. She admits to not being fully-equipped to take up his responsibility. Myka further explains that she watched online videos on YouTube one day and that is all the training she had. She reveals she received her Hague adoption certificate with just one-day training. Stauffer admits to needing more training personally.

‘I can’t say I wish this never happened because I’m still so glad Huxley is here and getting all of the help he needs,’ Myka continued. 

Myka further says that although he is happier, he still suffered trauma. And no adoptee deserves any more trauma in their life, she explains.

She also revealed that she wanted to help any child who needed her. Myka calls herself selfish, arrogant, and naive for making that decision. ‘I wanted to help so bad I was willing to bring home any child that needed me. For this, I was naive, foolish, and arrogant,’ she wrote.

Myka wishes that she was more prepared and the decision never had to be made. She further writes that adoption and all special needs are amazing. And she depicts having a ton of respect for all the adoptee, adoption parent, and special needs parent.

Myka refuted the rumors that they had adopted Huxley for gaining more views or money. She clarified that they did gain a little money but all of that went for the well-being of Huxley.

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‘While we did receive a small portion of money from videos featuring Huxley and his journey, every penny and much more went back into his care,’ she continued.

‘Getting Huxley the care and services he needed was very expensive and we made sure he got every service, and resource we could possibly find.’ 

The Delaware County Sheriff’s office was looking into Huxley’s case, his whereabouts earlier this month. They later instigated that the boy was not missing and the proper adoption process was taking place.

Meanwhile, Myka also dismissed rumors about her and her husband being under investigation.

She further writes that she will share her side of the story soon and apologizes for letting her fans down.

‘I’m hoping to share more from my side of the story soon. And lastly, I’m so sorry for letting you down. I also want to mention that moms need a safe place to ask for help when they are struggling. No questions asked,’ she wrote.

Myka finished her lengthy message assuring rehoming Huxley was the right decision. She says they love Huxley and only want the best for him and his future.

Myka and James had shared a tearful video of revealing their decision to rehome their adopted son, Huxley. James and Myka have four biological children together.

James, later on, explained that there were a lot more special needs that Huxley needed than they were aware of. Myka also deleted all the photos with Huxley on Instagram.


She had previously revealed that Huxley is autistic and has a brain tumor because of which he needed a lot of specialized care.

Myka assured her fans that Huxley has found his forever home through the adoption agency.

She revealed that Huxley is happy and thriving. And he has a mother who has medical and professional training.

James and Myka however did not reveal where had Huxley gone. They did not explain the adoption process by which he was taken into a new family.

In a deleted comment by Myka, under their video, she claimed that multiple scary things had happened in her house towards their other children. Which she revealed was one of the main reasons for the decision.

Myka shares four children with James. Kova, eight, Jaka, six, Radley, four, and Onyx, 11 months. 

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Their lawyers also came to their defense assuring that both James and Myka are very good parents and would do anything for their children. However, they claimed that this decision was necessary for Huxley.

The lawyers further explained that the parents sought a number of healthcare and educational professionals and they were advised to rehome Huxley.

We hope that Myka and James receive a little more explanation soon. And we hope we can believe Myka when she says Huxley is thriving.

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