Daredevil Trends After Disney Is Silent About MCU Reboot Rumours

Daredevil Trends After Disney Is Silent About MCU Reboot Rumours

Following the character’s exclusion from Marvel’s flurry of Disney+ Day announcements; Daredevil was trending on Twitter today.

Marvel Studios released a 15-minute special on Disney+ to commemorate two years since the introduction of the Mouse House’s streaming platform; teasing all of their upcoming shows and officially revealing many new ones. Fans got their first glimpse at shows including Ms Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk; as well as new logos for shows like Ironheart and Secret Invasion; which were previously announced.

There were also teases for Echo, the WandaVision spin-off Agatha: House of Harkness; and a number of animated series, including Spider-Man: Freshman Year; season two of What If…?, Marvel Zombies, and X-Men ’97, a continuation of the 1990s X-Men animated show.

Some had high hopes for an announcement of a new series centred on Marvel’s blind crimefighter Daredevil going into the event. The character’s first noteworthy live-action appearance was in the 2003 film Matt Murdock; starring Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock, produced by 20th Century Fox.

However, the Daredevil Netflix series starring Charlie Cox is by far the most popular version of the character. The show aired for three seasons as part of a Marvel-Netflix agreement that saw many of Marvel’s darker characters, including Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, have their own episodes.

Daredevil was largely regarded as the best show of the era, but it was abruptly terminated; along with the rest of the Marvel/Netflix shows, as Disney+ began to take shape. Fans of the programme have tried to keep their spirits up; as reports have circulated that a Disney+ series could be in the works.

Fans Trend #SaveDaredevil On Twitter

Unfortunately, Marvel’s major Disney+ Day announcements passed us by without mentioning Daredevil or any of the other characters from the Netflix series. Fans who were expecting an announcement flocked to Twitter to express their dismay; causing the figure to trend for a short time this afternoon. While there’s no way of knowing for sure, this outpouring of anger with the lack of a Daredevil announcement is bound to have reached the attention of Disney and Marvel executives. Take a look at a few of the tweets below:


Despite the fact that Daredevil was not mentioned during Disney+ Day, there’s still a chance he’ll appear in the MCU sooner rather than later. For almost a year, rumours have circulated that Charlie Cox’s version of the character will feature in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home. While neither Marvel nor Cox has confirmed such an appearance, the prospect of Daredevil visiting the MCU has fans wild with anticipation.

There have also been rumours that Daredevil villain Wilson Fisk; played by Vincent Donofrio in the Netflix series, may appear in the new Hawkeye series on Disney+; which is due to air in a few weeks.

It’s difficult not to be enthralled by the prospect of Daredevil finally joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, despite the success of the Netflix series; incorporating that rendition of the character into the universe could be difficult. The numerous Netflix series were not in any way related to the MCU in any way.

There would be a slew of continuity issues if such series were incorporated into the MCU canon. Loki may have proposed one such option earlier this year when he suggested that Cox be invited back to play the character; under the guise that the Netflix version was only a variant off somewhere in the cosmos.

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