Supergirl Was Fired By Teen Titans For A Humiliating Reason

Supergirl Was Fired By Teen Titans For A Humiliating Reason

Fans of DC Comics frequently question why Supergirl isn’t a member of the Teen Titans; one of the most well-known superhero teams in the world.

Kara Zor-El, one of the most powerful teenagers in superhero comics, is more than fit to join the squad. Kara was originally a member of the Titans, despite the fact that she now helps the Legion of Superheroes. Cassie Sandsmark, the second Wonder Girl, on the other hand, fired her for a pitifully trivial reason.

Cassie Sandsmark is one of the most valuable members of the Teen Titans, even though she isn’t the most popular Wonder Girl among fans. After departing DC’s original Young Justice squad; she joined the Titans with her crush, Superboy. Conner Kent and Cassie do develop a love relationship; however, it is short-lived.

Kent dies in Wonder Girl’s arms in Infinite Crisis (Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez, George Pérez, Ivan Reis, and Jim Lee). The Titans take a while to heal; but they ultimately open their ranks to new members, and Supergirl is one of them. So, why was she fired so soon?

Cassie fires Supergirl in Teen Titans #55, written by Sean McKeever and Jamal Igle. As Kara walks away, Tim Drake notices her and asks, “Cassie, please do me a favour. Please do not give out my phone number.” Cassie also states in issue #54 that Kara is her best friend; so why is this happening?

The character takes Tim Drake out on a date and recounts how the drama began. Cassie explains that her future self revealed that Supergirl is merely on the Teen Titans to replace the void left by Superboy’s departure. Despite the fact that Kara clearly qualifies for the Teen Titans position; Cassie advises Kara to quit due to her foresight.

Cassie now sees Kara as the Kryptonian replacement for Superboy in her social life, therefore she argues they shouldn’t be friends. In McKeever and Eddy Barrows’ Teen Titans #66, Kara and Cassie reconcile. They catch up, hang out, and keep each other up to date on their outfits. The rekindling of their connection; however, comes at the cost of another sad loss.

The Titans decide to recruit at least five additional heroes after realising they’ve lost too many members. Tim; on the other hand, has decided that his time with the Titans is finished. Tim leaves the Teen Titans on good terms; but the squad is without a Robin. “This really, really, really, really needs to stop happening,” Blue Beetle adds as the gang watches Tim go.

Kara’s Teen Titans membership was revoked, which is understandable; but she did get to participate in some of the team’s escapades. Even if Kara’s membership was hampered by Wonder Girl’s emotional rehabilitation; the two reconciled. Supergirl’s background as a Teen Titan has taught the team that she can always be trusted.

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