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Court Orders Mohsin Abbas to Submit Response in any Condition

The court gave one last chance to actor Mohsin Abbas Haider in the case of permanent extradition of the child and ordered him to file a response at the next hearing. The Guardian Mohsin Abbas Haider. heard the petition for permanent extradition of the child of Fatima Sohail, wife of actor Mohsin Abbas Haider.

Guardian Court Judge Syed Naveed Muzaffar conducted the hearing. During the hearing, Fatima Sohail took a stand that Mohsin Abbas has been separated, I can raise my son in a better way,

Mohsin Abbas

So for better upbringing of the child, he should be handed over to me permanently. The court gave Mohsin Abbas one last chance to appear and adjourned the hearing till September 23.

It should be noted that Fatima Sohail had last year accused her husband Mohsin Abbas Haider of violence and infidelity and said that Mohsin had an illicit relationship with a model named Nazish due to which her husband tortured her.

Later, Fatima Sohail had filed a khula claim in the Lahore Family Court, on which the judge had issued the khula degree in September 2019. They have a son who currently lives with his mother.

Mohsin Abbas Haider Profession:

Mohsin Abbas Haider is a Pakistani singer, actor, writer and host. He is known for his appearance as DJ in Dunya News talkshow Mazaaq Raat as well as for his appearances in films and serials.

Personal life:

He was born on 18 August 1986 to a Punjabi Muslim family in Faisalabad, Punjab. He married Fatema Sohail in 2015 shortly after meeting her. In December 2017, the couple lost their newborn daughter, Mahveen Abbas Haider, after 7 weeks of her birth. In May 2019, the couple had a son, Haider Abbas Mohsin. He was accused of domestic violence against his spouse.


He started his career as RJ at a radio station in Faisalabad, and, in 2005, moved to Karachi in order to learn the art of singing and sharpen his skills at NAPA, formally trained by Ustad Salamat Ali, ultimately launching himself in Punjabi folk music in 2009.

In 2012 he made his debut song Beparwah Dhola, written and composed by his late maternal uncle Riaz Anjum, while the song video was directed by Nabeel Qureshi.

The same year Mohsin was nominated for Best RJ category in Pakistan Media Awards. He also appeared in several TV shows as a host and as a voice over artist.

In 2014, he appeared in his debut film Na Maloom Afraad, playing the lead role of Moon along with Fahad Mustafa and Javaid Sheikh.[7] In 2016, he featured in Coke Studio season 9 and sung Uddi Ja, also written as well composed by himself,

which was warmly appreciated by the public.[8] In 2017 he appeared in Na Maloom Afraad 2, where he had the lead role as well as writing two songs and singing one, Heerey, while in 2018 he had a special appearance in Load Wedding, for which he wrote the lyrics for two songs, while singing one of them, Munday Lahore De.

During the same year, he starred in the drama Meri Guriya, where he plays the antagonist, a child rapist and murderer, and earned critical appreciation for his acting performance.[9]

Since 2013 he’s a DJ in the Dunya News talk show Mazaaq Raat, where he has, as of April 2018, performed more than 1.500 songs in different genres (ghazals, filmi, naats, etc).[5] In 2019 he Sung,Wrote and composed a song “Na Jaa” with his Friend Sohail Haider.

He won best Singer of the year award for this song in Lux Style Awards 2019. In December 2019 he released a song “ROOH” written Sung And Composed by Him.

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