Wife of TikTok Star Adil Rajput Spread Fake News of His Death

In what can be called a condemnable act to win followers on the famous short-video app TikTok, the wife of a local TikTok star Adil Rajput announced on their joint account false news of his death.

The popularity of Tik Tok in Pakistan also brought out some unusual stars like this Karachi couple with an account named Adil Rajput (@aadiraajput) who were making some funny Tik Tok videos until today when the wife revealed that her husband lost his life in a car accident.

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The video immediately went viral on social media and their fans demanded an investigation into what they called a planned car accident, as Adil Rajput received “death threats” already.

Now, according to reports from their hometown-Liaquatpur of Rahim Yar Khan District in Punjab Province-local people gathered outside their residence soon after Farah Adil’s video went viral and figured out the news was a hoax.

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Owing to the funny videos they used to share on the popular app, the couple already had millions of followers but now people are vociferously condemning what they call a cynical effort to gain followers and views on the tiktok.

On a disgusting route to gain followers, Tiktok star Adil Rajput’s wife posted a video to Tiktok crying and announcing that Adil Rajput has passed away in a car accident

The video has been making rounds on social media fooling fans into thinking that the tiktok star has died and condolences started to pour in online. However, when a media channel tried going to their neighborhood, the news turned out to be fake!


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