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Conan O’Brien Revealed BTS Member J-Hope Called Him ‘Curtain’

Conan O’Brien has been the most well-known late-night TV host for nearly three decades. He began as a host in 1993 when he took over the Late Show on NBC from David Letterman.

The host just recently announced his departure from his TBS show will happen on June 24. He is now moving on to HBO Max and is clearly an iconic late-night host. However, this does not mean he is a global star. The host mused on Wednesday night’s show that when one goes through change like this, it gets a person thinking about stuff.

He said, “I gotta say, when you go through a change like this, it gets a guy thinking about stuff … and without sounding too high falutin’, I have started to wonder a little bit about, ‘Gee, 28 years on TV, day in and day out every night, what’s my impact been? What have I meant to the world?'”

For instance, BTS is the perfect example as the K-Pop boy band was recently on the South Korean Variety show. They played a game in which they were asked to find various celebrities. Conan knew this because he played a clip from the program in which J-Hope was shown a picture of Conan. The K-Pop band member confidently blurted, “Curtain”.

J-Hope immediately fell in splits as his band members Jin and Jimin playfully teased him for not recognizing the talk-show host. Jin scolded him as he said, “Conan! How can you not know Mr. Conan!” To which J-Hope said he got confused for a moment.

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O’Brien Jokes He Will Get BTS

Conan, however, did not find this as amusing and had a stern and straight face. He said, “Curtain. He called me Curtain!” Meanwhile, his long-time sidekick, Andy Richter tried to put some ice on the unintentional burn. He said, “Well, it’s like the whole world is convening to wish you well on your new endeavor and, you know, we’re drawing the curtain …”

Conan joked that he said he was ‘curtain’ and that he has been to Korea. He said he was popular as he said he will get BTS good. The host said, “He said I was a curtain! I’ve been to Korea! I was popular! ‘Curtain!’ I’ll get you BTS, oh I’ll get you good. And by that I mean I’ll silently resent you.”

But we are sure Conan can soothe his pain with some ‘Butter’. The band is preparing for the release of their upcoming second English-language single. Butter is premiering on May 21.

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