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Chrissy Teigen Recalls Hardest Four Days Of Her Life

Chrissy Teigen shared a sweet picture with her mother during one of the difficult times and took to social media to share it.

The model shared that one day she will tell her fans the recent story about the hardest 4 days of her life. However, the cookbook author added that for now she needs her mother as she leaned on her in the picture.

John Legend and Chrissy have been vocal about their pain after losing their unborn son, Jack. The couple shared their stories and supported each other just like they always do. The Cravings author has also been actively posting stories on Instagram as she makes a lot of new things or recreates the existing.

John has come out and spoke about how grateful he is for all the people who reached out to him and Chrissy Teigen. The model who had given updates about her third pregnancy also shared about the loss of their baby boy.

The singer, however, opened up in an interview and revealed that they heard from a lot of people who went through the same. He said it encouraged him after getting love and support from so many people. The Wild singer said, “We’ve heard from so many people who have gone through it too; and it’s been encouraging to be getting so much love and support from so many people who have experienced similar things.”

John was promoting his latest movie, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey when he talked about the situation. He said that his wife sharing what she did has been helpful for other people who go through the same. The singer shared, “Chrissy sharing what she shared has also been helpful for other people who are going through it and may go through it in the future. So thank you.”

“We Hold Onto The Fact That We Have Two Beautiful Kids”

Chrissy had taken a month-long break from her social media after the news. She returned to the medium last month as she also penned an emotional letter to her fans and friends while talking about the grief they are going through. The Cravings author recently shared that she got a tattoo as a tribute to her late son, Jack.

The model also shared the gesture of her little daughter, Luna when the ashes of Jack arrived. John was asked about their family continuing to move ahead in a positive light even after their personal loss. The singer responded, “Well, I think we have to.”

The singer explained that whenever they go through personal challenges as well as a nation; they have to hold on to what makes them optimistic. He said, “What makes us hopeful, hold onto the things that bring us joy”. John added that his family has gone through a tough year and they hold on to their two kids that they love.

He said, “And in my family, as we’ve gone through a tough year, we hold onto the fact that we have two beautiful kids that we love; and are such a beautiful reflection of who we are and what we value”. The Conversations in the Dark singer also shared his thoughts about Joe Biden being elected as the President.

A day before the election, he had taken to the stage with his family, as he performed at a presidential rally for Biden. He sang Georgia on My Mind when the results came in; and noted that some people didn’t get what they wanted out of the election. However, he said it was important for the nation to turn a page.

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