Will Makris is the Marketing Aficionado Bringing Lola Taverna to New Heights

When restaurateur Cobi Levy opened Greek restaurant Lola Taverna in SoHo last October, he knew he wanted to partner with Will Markis. Despite his deep history in the restaurant business, Levy knew he wanted to do something different with Lola Taverna, which is precisely why he asked Will Makris to join his team.

“I really respect Will,” says Levy. “Good partnerships come from yin and yang. There are certain things I know better and there are certain things Will knows better.”

Lola Taverna’s spacious outdoor dining area, elegantly decorated with rustic decor and a plethora of plants, attracted plenty of diners who were looking for new places to eat during the quarantine. Levy and Makris quickly realized, at the onset of the pandemic, that they would need to double down on their outdoor dining and creative marketing.

Levy and Makris understood they were in a lucky position, quite literally; Lola Taverna is situated on a prime corner of Sixth Avenue, which gives them extra outdoor dining space. Further, they are located right next to Father Fagan Park in Soho, which allows any customers who cannot find a seat another opportunity to eat Lola’s food in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Makris always has an eye on the future and is already exploring ways to grow Lola Taverna. “I’m getting calls from all over the country with interest,” says Makris. “We are planning on expanding the brand, hopefully to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We’re firing on all cylinders.”


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