Cardi B Reveals The Real Reason She Filed For Divorce From Offset News

Cardi B Reveals The Real Reason She Filed For Divorce From Offset

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Time icon September 19, 2020

Cardi B addressed her divorce from Offset, days after filing, in an Instagram live. The rapper is splitting up with Offset after three years of marriage.

In an Instagram live session, Cardi opened up about her divorce with estranged husband. She made one thing clear that nothing out of the ordinary has happened between them. The rapper revealed the reason behind her filing for divorce.

However, before addressing her split, she assured fans that she is okay and she isn’t crying like she was before when Offset had messed up. The rapper had revealed that Offset cheated on her during their marriage.

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Cardi explained that this time she did not cry and the reason for the divorce had nothing to do with what happened before. She cleared the air saying it was not because of cheating. The rapper also addressed rumors claiming Offset was expecting a baby with another woman. She said,  I’m seeing people say it’s because he’s got a baby on the way — that’s a whole f—— a complete lie. This is the like second-time people try to pin babies over here. No, that’s bulls–t.”

Cardi revealed the real reason and said she got tired of arguing and not “seeing things eye-to-eye.” The rapper revealed she filed before things could escalate and become a problem. She said, “When you feel like it’s just not the same anymore and before you get cheated on, I’d rather just leave.”

The WAP singer assured her fans again that nothing crazy happened and explained how sometimes people grow apart. She said she has been with Offset for 4 years and has a kid with him. Cardi explained, “I have a household with this man. Sometimes you just want — you’re just tired of the arguments, of the buildups.”

“I Don’t Need Any Stunts To Sell Anything”- Cardi

She also slammed the rumors spread about her second split from Offset as some scam to generate more publicity. The rapper says she does not need any such stunts to sell anything.

Why Cardi B Is Divorcing Offset

The couple began their divorce proceedings earlier this week. Ever since Cardi filed for divorce, there have been rumors doing the rounds about their romance. Allegations of Offset being unfaithful have already circulated when it was reported that Cardi filed for divorce.

According to an entertainment portal, an insider shut down these rumors of having another child yesterday. They said there is no other child and no baby is on the way. An insider revealed that the rumors are false and that Cardi is going for an amicable divorce for the sake of her baby. The insider says that the rapper has evolved over the years and wants the divorce to be amicable.

The insider had also revealed that the WAP singer is working hard to make things as cordial as possible with her soon-to-be ex. In the initial filing for the divorce, Cardi had filed for primary physical and legal custody. However, she changed the filing to have joint custody for her two-year-old, Kulture.

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It is alleged that Cardi’s lawyer went for the aggressive approach and she wasn’t even aware of it. “She went back to have the petition amended because she wasn’t aware that it read ‘primary custody,'” an insider added to Page Six. The rapper wants both her and Offset to share custody and co-parent their daughter together.

Cardi is also not asking for spousal or child support and wants everything to be amicable. The original petition did ask for child support, however, the amendment will exclude that language, as Cardi is making plenty of money on her own.

Cardi Has Had Enough

The rapper had also requested that her estranged husband pay for the attorney fees and legal costs throughout the divorce proceedings. It is unclear if she still wants the clause on the filing. According to Cardi’s filing, her and Offset have been living apart for quite some time.

Cardi B Got an Offset Tattoo in an Awkward Place

The couple do not have a pre-nuptial agreement because of which the WAP star has asked for the assets earned during their marriage to be split. Offset has three children with other women: Kalea Marie Cephus, Kody Cephus and Jordan Cephus.

Cardi has yet to publicly address her divorce, although her husband’s infidelity seems to be the breaking point. The insider has denied the rumors about the baby, however, it was nowhere mentioned that infidelity was not the reason. A source told People Tuesday: “Offset has pretty much cheated the entire time but Cardi looked the other way because of the baby. She also didn’t want to be embarrassed. But she’s had enough.”

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Cardi and Offset are separating after almost three years of marriage. The rapper’s representatives revealed a little information about the filing today to reflect Cardi’s intention of sharing joint custody. It was revealed that Cardi desires for an amicable resolution.

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