Cannes Film Festival 2020 Might Be Canceled Amid Coronavirus Fear

The Cannes Film Festival is staring at the possibility of getting canceled. The Film Festival is another victim of the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, in an interview Festival, President Pierre Lescure shared “We remain reasonably optimistic in the hope that the peak of the epidemic will be reached at the end of March and that we will breathe a little better in April. But we are not oblivious. If not, we will cancel.”

While talking to the newspaper, Lescure also responded to speculation regarding the loss, the organizers might face due to the cancellation and the insurance policy offer which was declined.

He said, “This offer was made to us about ten days ago, but it was totally disproportionate,We were only offered to cover ourselves up to $2.3 million while our budget is $36 million. It was really peanuts. The company was clearly playing the bounty hunters and we, of course, declined this proposal.”

France and President Macron Battling the Virus

The film festival is scheduled to go ahead in May this year in France. President of France Emmanuel Macron during a national address promised the citizen of taking all necessary measures. Soon, after the announcement, the government released a guideline barring gathering of people including the closing of Schools and cinema halls.

Also, France is the second country in Europe with the most number of virus patients. The officials have confirmed over 1700 cases and with a total of 33 confirmed deaths. Even France’s cultural minister recently tested positive for the virus.

However, canceling one of the biggest film festival is not what France is looking forward too.

An unknown French official confirmed “No one, not even the culture minister or the regional and local authorities, wants to see Cannes getting scrapped because so much is in the balance not just economically but also culturally.”

Besides, it won’t be the first time the festival is being called off. In 1948 and 1950 the festival did not take place due to lack of funds.


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