CallMeCarson's Appearance On Mizkif's Twitch Stream Confuses Twitter

CallMeCarson’s Appearance On Mizkif’s Twitch Stream Confuses Twitter

CallMeCarson, whose real name is Carson King had appeared on Twitch streamer Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo’s August 13th stream. He introduced himself and appeared in the stream as he asked for directions to the bathroom.

The influencer is known for his videos that includes the popular world-building game Minecraft. He is also one of the Twitch streamers as well as a YouTuber who posted a video back in December 2020.

Back in January 2020, the influencer was exposed for allegedly sexting his underage fans by two former members of his Lunch Club podcast. The former members had appeared in an episode of Keemstar’s Drama Alert to discuss the situation. After his alleged action towards minors, users on the internet had made efforts to “cancel” him from all social media platforms.

However, after his appearance on Mizkif’s stream, Twitter commented on the situation. Users were confused to see him after all the allegations. His fans were excited to see him and they also made attempts to defend his actions. They claimed that the state the influencer lives in has a different age for consent.

In the end, the reaction from users was mixed. Many of them made it a point to remind others of the allegations against the streamer. Posts were tagged as ‘cmc’ and had a trigger warning tag along with them. A user noted that it feels like every time Carson is trending, they lose more and more brain cells. While another said if people defend the influencer, then unfollow them.

Yet again another user said, “Genuinely, I could care less that Carson’s there (like I do care, but I also don’t?? If that makes sense??) It’s more of the fact that they were making fun of the victims by saying shit like “oh, Twitter mad” and not acknowledging the fact that he fucking groomed multiple people.”

Carson was trending on Twitter for his appearance on Mizkif’s stream. The influencer claimed that his return to social media will be “soon” in the stream.

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