CallMeCarson Officially Announces His Twitch Return

The Minecraft streamer Carson ‘Callmecarson’ King was accused of grooming his young fans when the year 2021 started. After the news came to light, the Twitch streamer went missing! He was nowhere to be found on the Internet!

Just recently, CallMeCarson appeared on Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo’s August 13th stream. While the internet went crazy that day, CallMeCarson did not address any of the grooming allegations against himself. Mizkif was also criticized, as a result. But now, CallMeCarson has come out with an official Twitch comeback date.

‘Not An Average YouTuber Apology’

The Minecraft gamer posted a YouTube video titled ‘Moving Forward’ and it’s definitely not an ‘average YouTuber apology video’, said Carson. In the video, he did not address the allegations but focussed on converting the ‘negative situation’ into something positive. And how is CallMeCarson planning to do that? Well, via Charity.

CallMeCarson announced his intention to donate 100% of his income to charity. He said “I’m doing this to turn a negative situation into something positive that can help a lot of people.”

“I’ve learned a lot over this past year. I’m not seeking forgiveness nor am I looking to make excuses. Before you start looking at this as an excuse to sweep things under the rug, that’s not what this is,” he explained.

Comeback On September 1

Hence, you can expect to see CallMeCrason streaming for the first time ever in a period of seven months on 1st September. The date also coincides with the commencement of ‘Year of Charity’.

“I’m not going to answer any specifics of the situation with me,” Carson said. “Nor am I going to do anything to cause any more drama than there already is.”

Tell us in the comments what do you think about CallMeCarson’s apology effort and his intention to donate 100% of his profits to charity.

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