Bushra Ansari Has Replied To Criticism Against Her Dance Video In A Wedding That Went Viral News

Bushra Ansari Has Replied To Criticism Against Her Dance Video In A Wedding That Went Viral

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Time icon July 5, 2021

Bushra Ansari is one of the finest taleneted names in the Showbiz industry of Pakistan. 

Her personality and incomparable personality had made her a fortune.

The Background

The amazingly talented veteran of the Pakistani entertainment industry actress Bushra Ansari recently faced a lot of criticism from the public after her latest dance video from the wedding of the Sultana Siddiqui’s grandson went viral on social media.

It’s spreading like wildfire. In the video, Bushra Ansari, 65, was spotted dancing with the singer Azaan Sami Khan.

Why The Criticism?

Fans and haters alike have called her dance in a wedding a disgraceful act as she lost her sister a few weeks ago.

Recently, Bushra Ansari on her Instagram handle has responded to the criticism that she was receiving after her dance video went viral on social media.

What Did Bushra Ansari Say?

I was in a deep grief from last 3 months and that loss is going to be in our hearts till our last breathe. 2 days ago it was a family dholki and all my friends were there insisting me to get out of the stress and my sad Ness .hum tv s family s first grandsons wedding is some thing special for sultana siddiqui and she is like a mother elder sister and a mentor, just tried to be part of her “khushi” and got up for 2 mins with my son azan to show my participation in their happiness”, said the 65-year old actress Bushra Ansari.


Bushra Ansari is further added that, “it is very sad to see the people’s reaction. They just want to see us unhappy because we are famous, and if they are of a certain age, and how sad it is. I can tell you right now that this is the best age for you to enjoy the journey as you’re done with all of your responsibilities, and to Alhamdullallah, I’ve been able to accomplish so much at this age, I don’t feel any remorse when I’m in the 60’s.”

“But sad to see people reaction. They just want to see us unhappy because we are famous and specially when somebody is over a certain age, how pathetic. I am telling you this is the best age to enjoy life when u are done with all your duties and alhamdullillah I have achieved so much in this age I don’t have any regrets if I am over 60.”

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