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Veteran Actress Bushra Ansari Criticized For Enjoying A Wedding Just Few Days After Her Sister’s Death

Bushra Ansari is one of the finest taleneted names in the Showbiz industry of Pakistan.

Her personality and incomparable personality had made her a fortune.

An Excellent Career

Bushra’s career as an actor has given her great accolades and love from all over the world.

She has appeared in theater plays for a long time with other actors. It could be the role of a comedy character or a character with depth and drama; Bushra Ansari never failed to impress everyone with her unique style and phenomenal acting prowess.

Viral Wedding Dance Video

Recently a video of Bushra Ansari’s dance from the wedding of Sultana Siddiqui’s grandson Shahmir Shunaid circulated on social media. Here’s the video of Bushra which is going viral in case you have not yet come across it:

Bushra Ansari is seen in the video dancing to a Bollywood song with Azan Sami Khan.

Criticism And Backlash From Fans

After the video spread on social media, the social media army started criticizing Bushra Ansari.

Fans and haters alike have called her dance in a wedding a disgraceful act as she lost her sister a few weeks ago. Let’s take a look at how the public reacted to Bushra Ansari’s latest viral clip.

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