BTS Fans Sent Into A Frenzy After Jimin, J-Hope and Jungkook Dance As 3J

BTS’ Butter has not stopped buzzing on the internet especially after ButterTheeRemix. Megan Thee Stallion featured on a remix of BTS’ Butter. Everything was in chaos when fans realized Megan might not be allowed to release the remix.

However, we know now that the court ruled in Megan’s favour and BTS dropped the remix on August 27. Fans do appreciate a little cha-cha along with the music too as they wanted Megan and BTS to dance. The ARMY did hype up Butter remix with a talent show which Megan had joined. They also made fanart as to what would their album art look like.

Fans did not get a music video but the next best thing happened. The 3J’s, Jimin, Jungkook, and J-Hope were dancing to the remix. The 3J’s posted a teaser last night on September 8 and hinted at a performance video. They have dedicated it to Megan and added the tag #ToHotGirlCoach.

ARMY could not keep calm since then and got it trending. On September 9 at 12 pm KST, they dropped a special performance video where 3J danced to the Butter remix ft Megan Thee Stallion. The video started off with the original choreography as we could see BTS dancing to Butter.

However, after the second verse, the video glitches and we see 3J appearing and dancing to a new choreography as Megan raps. J-Hope started off the dance and was followed by Jimin and Jungkook. Although fans loved the entire segment, what they liked the most was Megan’s signature move of going ‘ah’ with their tongue out.

Jungkook was fanning in one of the moves when Megan raps the word summer which was also loved by fans. Fans started talking about it and naturally #3JIsBack and #BTS_Butter started trending. They were obsessed with BTS doing Megan’s move in the music video and couldn’t help but get excited.


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