BLACKPINK Will No Longer Accept Gifts, Says Go To ‘Places in Need’

BLACKPINK wants their army of Blinks to stop gifting them presents. And instead want their fans to provide the tokens of gratitude to a greater cause.


However, on Tuesday (Oct. 12), the K-pop supergroup announced via their label, YG Entertainment, that they will not accept gifts in the future. Handwritten fan letters to members Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé are the only exception to the gift rule.

BLACKPINK requests to look for places in need

“We would like to inform our grateful fans who always support BLACKPINK about fan support. BLACKPINK members have been struggling for a long time to tell you about the support and gifts that fans have prepared,” translations of the official statement reads.


“For BLACKPINK’s special days in the future, we would like to politely refuse the anniversaries (group debut anniversary, solo debut anniversary, birthday), broadcasts (music broadcasts, radio, entertainment), performances (snacks, donation wreaths) and postal gifts. We would appreciate it if you could indirectly deliver the gifts and support you are preparing to convey your heart to places in need or for good things. Read about KPOP Idols getting hate for no reason.

The post additionally specifies that BLACKPINK will not accept gifts for special holidays including Christmas, New Year’s Day or Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day). Gifts that cannot be classified as a personal letter will not be delivered to the K-pop stars. Items such as flower bouquets and other miscellaneous gift left at the YG headquarters will be discarded. The new rule goes into effect starting Tuesday, Oct. 12.

BLACKPINK’s gift rule comes on the heels of member Lisa’s solo debut. The rapper released her two-track EP, titled Lalisa, on Sept. 10. In fact, the lead track “Lalisa” hit at No. 2 on the Billboard Global 200 chart and the Global Excl. U.S. chart.


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