Blackpink's Lisa Gets Guinness World Record With LaLisa, Fans Ask YG To Do Better

Blackpink’s Lisa Gets Guinness World Record With LaLisa, Fans Ask YG To Do Better

Lisa’s solo debut ended weeks ago but it is breaking records and making history constantly. Now the Blackpink member has broken records to an extent where she has also entered the Guinness World Records.

Her fans continue to call out the label YG Entertainment for doing nothing to support her solo debut. If she had the support of her label, she would have become even bigger. Fans have expressed openly about the decisions of the label accusing them of mistreating Lisa. However, Lilies already knew that LaLisa would be a smashing success.

As per Guinness World Records, her music video has become the most viewed music video by a soloist on Youtube. This record was held by Taylor Swift for her music video, Me in 2019. Simultaneously, the Blackpink star made a personal record as her b-side performance video for Money crossed 100 million views on Youtube. This happened within 15 days of its release.

Now fans are asking YG how much more successful would her album have been if they did the bare minimum. Lisa has now become the second Blackpink member to enter the Guinness World Records 2022. Rose had previously entered the records for becoming the first soloist and member of a group to top on Billboard’s Global Chart. The idol did that with her solo debut On the Ground.

Lisa also broke Rose’s record by having the most viewed K-pop music video in 24 hours by a soloist. Now she has joined the ranks of her team member as the only K-Pop soloist to reach the top 10 Global Spotify charts with Money. She has also become the most followed female K-Pop soloist on Spotify with 14.9 million listeners.

Fans Ask YG What Would Happen If Lisa’s Debut Was Actually Promoted

YG did congratulate Lisa for Money’s 100 million views however remain silent when it comes to the accusations of mistreatment. Lilies have continued to fight for Lisa as they trend hashtags #BeFairToLisa, #YGTalktoUs, #YGTreatLisaEqually. However, it seems it has not been reciprocated even after their stocks fell down.

The label was upset when Bvlgari’s CEO revealed that YG stopped Lisa from attending their events citing COVID-19 as the reason. Meanwhile, the other Blackpink members were allowed to attend the Paris Fashion Week. Fans also accused YG of trying to divert the attention to Jisoo’s dating life by getting Kmedia to debunk it. But Lilies and Blinks will not be falling for this as they firmly stand their ground for answers.

A fan said, “It seems that YG tries to divert the media’s attention to Jisoo’s dating rumours to cover the issue of how they mistreated and discriminate against Lisa. Hahaha Clever. #PROTECTJISOO #BeFairToLisa.” Other fans are celebrating Lisa’s victory as well as they send supportive messages for her.

A fan tweeted, “Wish Lisa all the best to you. You did a great job this solo, both songs “LALISA” and “MONEY” broke records and achieved many achievements. Lisa, you deserve it, the effort you and your fans put in is well worth it. WE LOVE YOU.” Another commented on YG’s congratulatory post for ‘Money’, “YG Entertainment should treat Lisa with respect & allow her to grow her career by providing her opportunities & exposure. Despite extensive media coverage worldwide, we are disappointed that you made no attempt to clarify the issue till now. YG TREAT LISA EQUALLY.”

Few fans also think that race might be a part of the mistreatment as Lisa is from Thailand.

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