Maluma Admits It’s “Very Hard” For Him To Make Friends In The Industry

Maluma is not willing to take anything for granted as he is on top of the world. The Latin artist has become the first-ever male artist on the cover of Elle magazine.

The singer has revealed how 2020 was the best year of his life so far, unlike many others. He revealed that he feels like he was reborn musically, artistically, and personally. The Latin heartthrob shared that he was talking to his parents the other day and they were very happy because he stayed in Colombia for a long time.

He said, “I was talking the other day with my parents, and they were very happy because I’ve stayed a long time in Colombia, but they were also a little bit worried because they didn’t know what was going to happen with my work. My job is being on tour, but for me this has been very positive, being here in Colombia. I feel very connected again with myself.”

Maluma also revealed that his home country is where his best and most trusted friends are. He also admitted how “very hard” it is to make friends in the industry and does not know who can be trusted. The singer revealed he does not like having new friends and shared he tries to make friends but it is “very hard”.

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“That’s life — just being grateful for everything that has happened.”

He further added that he feels that they want to be his friends but once he shows them his back, they will stab him. The Latin musician prefers to stay safe with his friends where he will always feel comfortable.

He explained, “When I didn’t have any money, they were there for me, inviting me to their house for lunch. They’re the ones who were laughing at me, and now they are enjoying my success. That’s life — just being grateful for everything that has happened.”

However, he counts Jennifer Lopez as his friend as she is also his co-star in the upcoming movie, ‘Marry Me’. The rom-com movie will be released in May and revolves around Jennifer, a pop star who finds out her fiancé (Maluma) was cheating on her with her assistant. She randomly picks a random math teacher (Owen Wilson) out of the crowd and marries him instead.

Maluma shared that JLo is not just a work partner but he would say she is his friend too. He said, “She is someone I admire, and she is someone I’ve followed since I was a little kid.” Because of which the singer feels being part of the movie was “almost surreal”. He shared how much of a big surprise it was when he was called, but he was ready for it.

The Latin star also looks upon other famous personalities and collaborators like Madonna, Shakira, and Ricky Martin. He looks onto them to know how to navigate fame and be a better person.

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The singer shared that modern artists are losing their spirituality and that is sad. He explained how he feels like they do not pray or meditate and that is why he feels connected with artists like Madonna, Shakira, and Jennifer. The Marry Me alum shared, “Sometimes people tell me that I’m an old soul because of that, but at the end of the day, you can be the biggest star in the world, but if you are not spiritual, you are empty inside.”

He further explained how with Ricky Martin also, you can feel his aura is “so blue, so clear”.

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