Austin McBroom Has Been Sued Yet Again. Here's Why

Austin McBroom Has Been Sued Yet Again. Here’s Why

It seems like there is no end to the downward spiral in the life of the YouTuber of ACE Family’s Austin McBroom. Just a few days after a lawsuit, the influencer is being sued by boxing participants Tayler Holder and Nate Wyatt for breach of contract.

The lawsuit comes after the alleged breach of contract, intentional misrepresentation and civil conspiracy. The complaint is from Tayler and Nate as they state that Austin’s had alleged deck claimed the event would be the largest pay-per-view event in history. This was along with the suggestion that Kevin Hart was the host.

But if you are unaware, YouTuber FouseyTube was the ring-announcer other than the main event fight. As per reports, this alleged deck pitched for the event had projected ten million pay-per-view buys and 500 million in gross revenue.

The boxing event was for TikTok stars who would be against YouTubers in the ring. Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom were the main events for the entire match. Austin went on to win the third round with a technical knock-out. After the event, Vinnie Hacker and Josh Richards had claimed that they were not paid for the event. Right after this, we heard that Social Gloves Entertainment is announcing its bankruptcy.

However, despite the rumours, Austin came ahead to refute these statements of the company going bankrupt. He also said every participant will be paid including him. And then we got reports claiming that Austin had allegedly received two lawsuits against his Ace Hat Collection company.

Fans and users have started questioning the worth of the ACE family and Austin. These rumours were deemed to be true when his seven million dollar California house was listed on house-selling websites and was labelled, “pre-foreclosure”.

Austin yet again took to social media and denied the rumours of his family being evicted from their home. As per reports, his wife, Catherine Paiz is also facing an alleged legal battle with former business partners. The influencer had addressed these rumours and claimed that the digital media company LiveXLive was withholding funds.

The downward spiral continued as LiveXLive filed a lawsuit against Austin for committing defamation and fraud.

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