Trisha Paytas Calls David Dobrik Out & Reignites Feud News

Trisha Paytas Calls David Dobrik Out & Reignites Feud

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Time icon August 5, 2021

Trisha Paytas jumped on the bandwagon of the new trend on TikTok where people share the things they accepted and rejected. Just yesterday we had Jake Paul calling Tana Mongeau a sloth and accepting their fake marriage. The influencer also dropped a bomb of him hooking up with Lil Nas X.

Now, we have Trisha doing the trend where they accepted influencers like Ethan Klein, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. Meanwhile, they rejected YouTuber David Dobrik. Both Trisha and David were friendly once as the former dated one of Vlog Squad’s members, Jason Nash. However, their friendship hit rock bottom when Trisha broke up with Jason in 2019.

Since then, the influencer has been open about how they felt David and his Vlog Squad. they had threatened to go to the police after Jeff Wittek’s texts which seemingly threatened them. Trisha Paytas responded to a comment that read, “It’s funny how she keeps talking about David sm and he lives rent-free in her mind. Move [on] ma’am, you’ll be happier.”

The Youtuber responded to this comment by adding a clip, as they firmly said that they will talk about whoever they want for how much ever long they want. They further added, “David Dobrik is the devil on earth, has no remorse, has no accountability, takes no responsibility. He will continue to be a monster.”

The influencer’s video was shared on Instagram and many comments alluded to her starving for attention. Trisha had early shared that they missed David’s vlogs after his comeback announcement. David had taken a break from social media after the allegations against him, Jason and their longtime friend, Durte Dom.

Trisha had tweeted at the time claiming everybody needs a comeback. They commented on Jeff not suing David after the crane accident that had been a near-death experience. The influencer commented that Jeff’s decision and stated that more could have come from David. But if we go further back, we will see Trisha stating that David ruined people’s lives after his initial apology.

Paytas also responded to Dobrik’s apology with a YouTube video stating that David made an apology on “his ‘Views’ channel, which nobody watches that channel…and I’m not saying that to be shady…it’s his least followed platform.” Do you think Trisha is seeking attention or merely expressing how she feels about David?

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