Ateez’s Yunho Joins Yeosang As Special MC For SBS ‘The Show’ On Jongho’s Birthday News

Ateez’s Yunho Joins Yeosang As Special MC For SBS ‘The Show’ On Jongho’s Birthday

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Time icon October 12, 2021

Atinys have many reasons to celebrate October 12. The prior reason being the birthday of the group’s member, Jongho. He is celebrating his birthday today and naturally received a lot of love from fans all over the world.

They are trying their best to make this day extremely special for the idol because of the recent loss his family faced. The idol met his fans on a special VLive Livestream to greet fans who were wishing him well. Ateez’s members San, Wooyoung also celebrated his birthday by congratulating the maknae on his birthday.

The members also shared photos with Jongho on Twitter. However, this is not the only reason fans get to be excited about as there is another reason. Ateez members are making an appearance on the SBS music show, The Show.

Yeosang is the current MC of the show which airs every Tuesday at 6 pm KST (5 am ET). It is joined by co-hosts Kim Yohan from WEi and Jihan from Weekly. SBS’ media representatives announced that member Yunho would be joining Ateez’s Yeosang. This will make fans happy as this will be another opportunity for them to witness the members’ compatibility.

Ateez had made their comeback with Zero Fever: Part 3 and appeared on The Show for the second part. They came with their second title track Eternal Sunshine. The group had ended their Deja Vu era back in September. As for The Show, they have brought in a new segment in their broadcasts.

Squid Game Segment Will Have Idols Playing Games

This segment will have idols play certain games. The first is called Sweet Ending Draw which is a new corner where all idols will play a game that has now taken over the world. You guessed it right it is none other than K-drama Squid Game. The famous Dalgona Game will be the first game and there will be another segment called Uncommon Engie. This will have one MC talking to members of multiple groups asking them about their ‘ending fairy’ move.

Ending Fairy is a nickname given to other members of the group that is given close-up shots at the end of their performance. The broadcast of SBS’ ‘The Show’ included artists like AB6IX, Ateez, Cravity, NIK, Woodz, Golden Child, Mirae. Boys, Ciipher, N.Flying, Jo Yuri, Hot Issue, and more. The broadcast was telecast live on SBS MTV as well as SBS FiL channels. Performances were posted on SBS’ YouTube channel after the broadcast.

Fans were thrilled that October 12 aligned for the benefit of their favourite group. As per fan discussions, the possibility of Yunho becoming an MC on the birthday of Jongho was highly unlikely. Atinys also want their idols to win an award for Eternal Sunshine too before the broadcast.

A fan tweeted, “Im gonna cry a river if ateez doesn’t win today. gonna cry a river again if they win. either ways im crying CUS WDYM YUNHO YEOSANG MC AND JONGHO THE BIRTHDAY BOY? universe is so kind to us today it better bring us a win too.” Another fan said, “Manifesting eternal sunshine first win and mc yunho and mc yeosang handing that trophy to ateez on jongho’s birthday.”

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