Jeongyeon Removed From TWICE’s Season Greetings, Fans Unhappy

Managed by JYPE Entertainment, TWICE is the third-gen girl group and K-Pop idol Jeongyeon is a part of the group. The K-Pop band made their debut in 2015 with nine members but unfortunately, Jeongyeon is facing some serious mental health issues.

The vocalist had previously been resting before the group’s Japanese release. Fans were happy to have her be a part of TWICE’s first English single, The Feels. However, the K-Pop idol will not be participating in the season’s greetings merch. JYPE had announced in August that Jeongyeon was suffering from panic and psychological anxiety disorders.

This was before the release of The Feels and she had discussed with her group members and taken professional advice. Jeongyeon discussed this with her label and decided to go on a break for an undecided time frame. Her K-Pop group TWICE have assured fans or ONCEs that she was able to be part of The Feels before leaving.

Her fans have promised to wait for her to come back and sent supportive messages. Mental health is not a taboo in the K-Pop industry anymore. Fans are glad that exhausted artists who work hard without proper rest and food are getting the care they want. JYPE was appreciated for their decision initially, however, the tables have turned after their latest decision.

The label announced TWICE’s season’s greetings merch for 2022 but Jeongyeon will not be a part of it for “various reasons”. Fans have assumed it is because she was on a break but they did not appreciate JYPE for not waiting for the idol. Many labels release their artists’ season’s greetings content in November or December.

They have tried their best to include those who are on a break like Ateez’s Mingi who filmed the content before the break. ONCEs felt that JYPE could have postponed the season’s greetings. The K-Pop idol is trending as fans are displeased. A fan wrote, “I can understand if Jeongyeon was excluded from promotions/schedules due to health concerns… But releasing OT8 merch? I don’t feel comfortable with it and will probably pass. It’s nine or none”.

Another fan wrote, “But TWICE is NINE, period,” and “Do not exclude Jeongyeon” “Respect Jeongyeon”. An angry fan expressed, “The way they can completely wait until Jeongyeon is better to do this. The amount of stuff that came out and will be coming. Season greeting is the last time you need to worry about. Money hungry.”


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