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Ariana Grande’s Fans Think She Honored Mac Miller On Positions

It’s no secret that Ariana Grande has a place for Mac Miller in her heart as well as her songs. The singer recently released her new music album, Positions and fans think she has paid tribute to the late rapper.

After the release of her new album, her fans dived deep down into her songs to find any signs she has left. They found hints about the late rapper who passed away back in 2018. A TikTok personality noted two instances where the singer includes soundbites of crickets in her album.

In a song called Just Like Magic, crickets can be heard on the fourth song of the album. The sound is heard after she sings, “Take my pen and write some love letters to heaven.” That is when the music stops for a few seconds and the crickets are heard. The soundbite is heard again in the title track when Ariana sings, “Heaven sent you to me”.

The TikToker noted how Mac had a song titled Crickets and it was an unreleased track that was dropped earlier this year. The late rapper and Ariana were together from 2016 until early 2018.

Fans are delighted to find the little tributes for Mac as they pick up on the new information. “I just found out that in Ariana’s new album she plays cricket noises every time a line has the word heaven,” one user tweeted, “which is a tribute to mac miller’s song crickets bc she thinks of him as her guardian angel watching over her from heaven. I am not okay. no one talk to me for the next week.”

Ariana’s Tribute To Mac With The Weeknd

However, this is not the first time Ariana has paid tribute to her ex. She sang his name in her superhit song, Thank U, Next. The Positions singer sings, “Wish I could say, thank you to Malcolm ‘cause he was an angel.” Fans also believe that her song, Imagine is about him as it consists of several of her lyrics hinting at his 2016 song, Cinderella.

She had explained how the song was like pretending it never ended denial. The album also honors her late ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller in her collaboration with The Weeknd. The song is about her wonderment of love being completely off the table after the rapper’s death from a drug overdose. In a 2019 Vogue interview, the singer had opened up about her relationship with Mac.

The Thank U, Next artist had expressed her excitement before about sharing her music with the world. She posted a picture of herself on Instagram and wrote, “hellooo! can it be tomorrow night already please? love u so much I am so so grateful and excited. can’t stop cryin. hooooooooooo.”

Ariana’s latest album does not only bless us with her whistle notes and lyrics but it also features collaborations with Ty Dolla $ign, The Weeknd. Meanwhile, Doja Cat lends her voice for a few verses in another song. Ty Dolla $ign collaborates on the song, Safety Net while The Weeknd sings along in Off The Table.

The singer revealed that the two collaborations are her favorite songs of the album. Fans speculate that Positions might be a love letter to her current beau, Dalton Gomez. The album includes 14 tracks as she seems to take her listeners through the journey of their relationship.

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Ariana also gives us a little listen to her sex life as she takes her audience through some of her favorite moves. However, fans speculate that not all of it is about her present and future. The album has a reference to her ex-fiance, Pete Davidson. The song will take you back to their highly-public engagement.

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