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Kim Kardashian Was The Inspiration Behind Kanye West’s Lost In The World

Kanye West had released his fifth studio album 10 years ago called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kim Kardashian West revealed recently that the inspiration behind one of the album’s songs.

The beauty mogul took to her social media to share a photo of herself with Kanye. She also posted the birthday card that the rapper had made for his wife on her 30th birthday. The card had a poem that turned out to become the lyrics of one of his songs, Lost in the World.

The reality tv star wished a happy 10 year anniversary to Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. She shared the story behind Lost in the World and revealed at the time, the rapper couldn’t come up with some of the lyrics. However, she shared that he realized he had it in a poem he wrote her on her 30th birthday.

Kim concluded, “He took the poem he wrote to me and made it the song. I keep everything! Swipe to see the card.” The Skims creator had cherished the birthday card she received from her husband more than 10 years ago.

The card contained a drawing of them which pointed out it’s him and “Kimmy”. He described her hands as little and emphasized his bowtie and a Berkin bag. The rest of the card contained the poem which ultimately became the lyrics of Lost in the World.

‘Late is better than never! You’re my devil/You’re my angel/You’re my heaven/You’re my hell/You’re my now/You’re my forever,’ the lyrics began. ‘You’re my freedom/You’re my jail/You’re my lies/You’re my truth/You’re my war/You’re my truce,’ the lyrics continued. ‘You’re my questions/You’re my proof/You’re my stress and you’re my masseuse. Love 4ever Yeezy,’ the note concluded. 

“Being isolated and alone essentially in his head isn’t healthy for Kanye”

Kim and Kanye started seeing each other back in 2012 as the beauty mogul was finalizing her divorce from Chris Humphries. The couple got engaged on Kim’s 33rd birthday in 2013 and they tied the knot in 2014.

The married couple share four kids together, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. Kim Kardashian West was recently having a hard time when it comes to her husband, Kanye West. The rapper is struggling with his health as he rants on Twitter.

An insider revealed that Kim is really disappointed because Kanye is struggling. The source said that it is a “vicious cycle” that Kim successfully interrupted for months. The reality star is not surprised that her husband is not abiding by the care plan that they discuss, reveals the source.

“Being isolated and alone essentially in his head isn’t healthy for Kanye,” the insider adds. Both Kim and Kanye have been having trouble as the rapper went on a rant earlier about her and her family. However, according to the insider, Kim does not care about the tweets because that is Kanye being Kanye.

Kim is struggling with Kanye’s mood swings and manic episodes which makes it difficult for her to cope up with. The Skims founder has given him his space and freedom to be creative, hoping that it would be a healthy outlet for him to express himself. The insider added that the “best intentions often lead to negative outcomes.”

Kim seems to be holding it together for the kids but it is a lot for her. The insider adds: “Helping Kanye with his mental health struggles has been a journey and a lot on Kim.”

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