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Antony Gormley’s Sculpture In Aldeburg Being Replaced By Angel Of The East

Sculptures by Sir Antony Gormley that are due to be removed from a beach after the artist objected are being replaced with a new work of art.

The work of the Angel of the North in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, is being replaced by the Angel of the East.

Gormley masterpiece owner Caroline Wiseman is removing it after Sir Antony said their position “badly represented” his work.

The New Art Piece

Local artists have done this new work using washed red bricks.

Caroline Wiseman, the owner of the sculptures

Ms Wiseman bought four Gormley iron bollards in 2001 and placed them on the shingle beach in August last year.

Earlier this year, she applied for a permit to relocate the pieces, which some had likened to “sex toys” and “giant dog poo” on social media.

Sir Antony argued for a number of reasons, telling the council that the way they were being laid “was a misrepresentation” of his work – they should be straight upright- and also complained about the renaming of their name Quartet (Sleep), 2001.

Gormley’s names for the 220lb (100kg) pieces were Oval, Peg, Penis and Snowman.

Small Minded

Ms Wiseman described Sir Antony’s intervention as  “small-minded”, but decided to withdraw the application for editing and sell the pieces.

The Sir Antony Gormley sculptures at Aldeburgh beach

Bollards will be removed on Wednesday and the replacement work has begun with members of Arts Club Aldeburgh Beach.

A circle of red sea bricks on the beach, which they are calling the Angel Of The East, is made of bricks that Ms Wiseman said were the “result of coastal erosion, they’re from houses that have probably fallen into the sea… and then they’ve been washed by the sea”.

“Time and tide have sculpted these bricks into beautiful rounded forms – they are sea-sculpted,” one of the art group said.

“Their red colour mirrors the rising sun.”

Ms Wiseman said visitors were welcome to add their own sea bricks to the new work.

“We are sad to see the Gormleys go, but we are delighted that we are now able to restore this tiny temple of art for future generations of artists,” she said.

Funds raised from the sale of the four Gormley pieces will be used to refurbish and paint the Lookout tower art space in Aldeburgh, which Ms Wiseman runs.

Sir Antony’s studio has been contacted by the BBC for comment.

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