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Ananya Pandey And Shanaya Kapoor Vibe About Buying The Same Sweatpants Unknowingly

Actress Ananya Pandey shared a post on Tuesday to show the fans about her fun time at the beach.

The picture on Instagram shows Ananya in a series of photos with her best friend and her beloved pet dog.

Fun Time At The Beach

In another video posted on Instagram, Ananya Pandey is seen running along the beach with her dog.

She wore a casual outfit- including a black crop top and whitish pink pajamas and Ananya also let her hair down to the delight of her fans.

Captioning her post, Ananya wrote, “fur realzzz this is how I’m tryna be for the rest of my life.”

What Did Shanaya Kapoor Say?

In response to her post, her best friend Shanaya Kapoor said, “love how we got the same sweatpants without knowing lol,” to which Ananya replied, “cuz ur brain is always copying me unknowingly,” and Shanaya responded with “clawclip”.

Shanaya is the daughter of actor Sanjay Kapoor and his wife Maheep Kapoor.

Fan Reactions

Fans were seen expressing their love for Anaya under the post in the comments section.

A fan wrote: “you look beautiful,” while another commented ‘cutie pie’. A third fan commented,”cuteness overloaded.”

On her Instagram stories, Ananya also decided to share a series of clips of the waves washing ok her feet. Ananya captioned one of the stories, with the words: “in constant awe of the (sun emoji) and it’s shine”.

Ananya often shares glimpses of her life on her Instagram handle. She recently shared a series of selfies, and wrote the caption: “(u guys will be happy to know I literally cannot think of captions anymore but I’ll be back).”


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