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Feroze Khan And Humaima Malick Appear On Time Out With Ahsan Khan

Feroze Khan is a well-known name and a very versatile and talented actor of the Pakistani entertainment and media industry.

Feroze is known for his spectacular acting skills. His famous dramas include Khaani, Ishqiya & Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3. They were the most high-profile and hit-scale projects of the actor.


Feroze Khan is currently seen working on the drama series “Khuda Aur Mohabbat-3′, and the audience is nothing but full of praise for him.

Feroze Khan is married to Syeda Alizeh and they have an adorable son Muhammad Sultan khan.

Actor Feroze Khan and Actress Humayma Malik have recently been seen in the show” Time-out with Ahsan Khan”, which was aired on Express Entertainment television.

What Did Feroze Say?

While playing a game in the show, Ahsan Khan asked Feroze Khan’s response to a statement about him. He said ” I (Feroze Khan) was a kid and I married earlier” to which Feroze Khan responded saying, ” No, I think I had to marry at a younger age. And marriage is learning I think we should marry more than once like our Prophet (PBUH).

Netizens also shared their opinions about the statement. The reactions were not all positive and not all negative too, they rather remained mix.

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