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After Kangana Ranaut, Abhay Deol lashes out at B-town celebs for not speaking up enough for the local issues

Actor Abhay Deol has questioned the Bollywood celebs talking about #BlackLivesMatter but not speaking about the migrant workers suffering in the country!

The recent killing in the US has led to the mass movement #BlackLivesMatter on social media. Everyone including our Bollywood celebs are talking about it. However, the actor Abhay Deol does not like how our celebs are talking about foreign issues but not speaking enough about the local matters.

Sharing hashtags hand-written on a paper, the actor wrote, “Maybe it’s time for these now? Now that ‘woke’ Indian celebrities and the middle class stand in solidarity with fighting systemic racism in America, perhaps they’d see how it manifests in their own backyard? America has exported violence to the world, they have made it a more dangerous place, it was but inevitable that it would come back karmically. I’m not saying they deserve it, I’m saying look at the picture in it’s totality.”

He added on explaining how he is asking celebs to support them by calling out the systemic problems in our own country. Because they turn out to be one and the same thing. He has urged the celebs to follow the foreign leads, not just their actions. “Create your own actions, your own movement, relevant to your own country. That is what the #blacklivesmatter movement is all about! In the larger picture, there is no “us” and “them”. There is not a country that’s real. But a planet in peril,” added Abhay.

Earlier in an interview, actress Kangana Ranaut too had slammed B-town celebs for not speaking enough on our local issues.

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