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After eight seasons on NBC, the creator of The Blacklist has decided to leave the show

The creator of NBC’s The Blacklist, Jon Bokenkamp, is departing the show after season 8. The Blacklist has starred James Spader as Raymond Reddington since its premiere in 2013. Raymond, a former US Navy commander who has turned into a notorious criminal, voluntarily surrenders to the FBI after decades of avoiding detection.

Raymond also insists on working with FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen after informing the FBI that he’s willing to provide his intelligence on the world’s most dangerous criminals in exchange for immunity (Megan Boone).

Boone announced his retirement from the series earlier this month, according to Deadline. Boone thanks the viewers for the pleasant experience of working on the popular drama in her final appearance as a main cast member in the season 8 finale. She also expressed her thanks for the opportunity to follow Keen’s storey from the beginning of The Blacklist.

Boone has now formed her own production business and signed a first-look contract with Sony Pictures Television, according to reports. Now, as The Blacklist season 9 comes, viewers must also prepare for the departure of the show’s creator.

Step Away From ‘The Blacklist’

Bokenkamp will be leaving The Blacklist, according to Deadline. The departure has been expected for some time, with executive producer John Eisendrath taking over as the drama’s sole showrunner.

Eisendrath had previously worked as co-showrunner with Bokenkamp from the show’s start. They just collaborated on the season 8 finale. Bokenkamp, for one, sent a letter explaining his choice to leave The Blacklist. It’s available to read below.

Season 9 will be interesting to see how The Blacklist will return. However, there are some positive indicators. For example, Supernatural lasted long after its creator, Eric Kripke, left the show. Many viewers believed that the series should have ended with Kripke’s departure after season 5. However, many more people continued to watch the show for another decade. Given that Eisendrath has been a part of The Blacklist from its beginning, the drama is likely to retain a familiar feel.

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