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Shah Rukh Khan disclosed that his grandmother had named him Abdur Rehman

Shah Rukh Khan claimed that his maternal grandmother had given him the name Abdur Rehman. He also stated that the name was not registered anywhere, but that his grandmother wanted him to use it. However, Shah Rukh has stated that saying “Baazigar starring Abdur Rehman” would not sound good.

When Shah Rukh Khan disclosed that his grandmother had given him the name Abdur Rehman, he shocked the world.

Actor Anupam Kher had questioned Shah Rukh on The Anupam Kher Show, “Do you know somebody named Abdul Rehman?” I don’t know anyone, he said, but my maternal grandmother had given me the name Abdur Rehman when I was a kid.”

“Are you shocked by my query that your maternal grandmother preserved your real name, Abdur Rehman?” Anupam continued. Yes, I’m rather taken aback. Despite the fact that the name Abdur Rehman was not registered anywhere, she insisted that I take it. I had an odd sensation. Imagine Abdur Rehman starring in and as Baazigar. It wouldn’t be a good idea. Shah Rukh Khan is in, and Baazigar is a better title “he stated

He also revealed that his father had given him the name Shah Rukh Khan and his sister Lala Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh, he explained, means ‘prince-like face.’ since I have a huge nose,’ the actor joked.

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