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After AR Rahman & Prasoon Joshi, Mohit Chauhan upset with Masakali 2.0

Singer Mohit Chauhan supports AR Rahman, says he can understand how the music composer is feeling about Masakali 2.0!

Audience has not much liked the latest song Masakali 2.0 People have been trolling the makers, criticizing the remake. Recently AR Rahman and Prasoon Joshi had expressed their disappointment over the song. Now, the singer Mohit Chauhan too has expressed his displeasure.

He told News 18, “I haven’t really seen the song. I just heard the snippet of it. I know that Rahman sir is very upset.”

According to Chauhan, music is something which connects with the soul. He said, “An artiste creates music out of thin air. Masakali didn’t exist before Rahman sir composed it. Suddenly out of thin air, he composes the song and Prasoon sir writes it, and then I was fortunate enough to sing it. And, suddenly it takes life and becomes what it is. So, if somebody wants to take that song and make something else out of it, then the original creator of that particular piece of music needs to be consulted or permission must be taken from that person.


The singer even stressed on the need of original stuff coming out rather than riding piggyback on old songs which are already successful.

On TSeries producing the remake, Mohit said, “I think the whole system needs to come together on this issue. One most important thing is that the people who write about music bring this issue to the public. Secondly, you can insert a clause in your contract and many people are doing it now.”

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