After Sonu Nigam, Adnan Sami calls out nepotism in the music industry

After Sonu Nigam criticized the music companies in the country for nepotism, singer Adnan Sami too has come out supporting the newcomers!

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has been a wake up call to the people. Everyone has been calling out the unwelcoming nature of the entertainment industry for the outsiders. Nepotism not just happens in the film industry but in the music industry as well. We earlier informed you all about Sonu Nigam’s stand on the matter.

Now another singer Adnan Sami has also stood up supporting the newcomers. He has written, “The Indian Film & Music Industry SERIOUSLY needs a ‘Herculean‘ SHAKE UP. Especially in the context of music, New Singers, Veteran Singers, Music Composers & Music Producers – who are being exploited to the HILT!! “Fall into the DICTAT or you’re OUT”… Why is creativity beyond “CONTROLLED” by those you have no clue about ‘creativity’ & are trying to play GOD?? We have 1.3 Billion people in India by the grace of God- Is all that we have to offer is ‘remakes’ & ‘remixes’? For God sake, STOP THIS & allow the truly talented new & veteran artistes BREATH & give you creative peace Musically & Cinematically!!!”

He went on to call out the mafias, as he wrote, “Have you, the Movie & Music ‘Mafia’ who have arrogantly entitled yourselves as the ‘self professed & self appointed gods‘ not learned anything from history that you can NEVER control art & the ecosystem of creativity of any field?”

Check out his post here:

Meanwhile, Sonu Nigam’s stand has triggered T-Series, which is one of the biggest music labels in the country. Yesterday, he had released a video warning Bhushan Kumar to not mess with him anymore. The singer is having a war of words with producer and his wife Divya Khosla Kumar.

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