Kangana Ranaut recalls the time when she couldn’t afford clothes for award shows

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has talked about her earlier days recalling how her friend helped her with clothes for award shows!

Kangana Ranaut has always been very open about her past and how she has struggled in the industry to make a place for herself. In the past she has revealed how one of her exes called her a ‘gold-digger’. Now the actress has recalled her initial days in the tinsel town when she couldn’t afford clothes for award shows.  

Talking to Pinkvilla, she said, “I remember after Gangster, I was going for these award functions where I was getting an award. I didn’t have clothes to wear. I didn’t even have any money to buy those clothes. So there was this designer friend of mine Rick Roy who used to sponsor my clothes. He was struggling himself but his parents were supporting him.”

Luckily, she had a friend who helped her out and was a great support for her. “He would make these gowns for me and I’d wonder where he’s getting the money from. But it was wonderful that somebody came to my help. Otherwise, how would I even go to these functions? I wouldn’t have made it to those award nights. I didn’t have clothes. Otherwise, I used to wear a few Mango tops and for me, those were the luxury brands. That was the best I could afford at that point. I didn’t have access to anything. From there, I came here so it’s amazing,” added Kangana.

Since the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangana Ranaut has been calling out the industry for nepotism. She has pointed out stars and their unwelcoming nature for the people who do not come from a filmy background.

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