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Adin Ross Reveals He Texts & Drives Regularly While Talking About Twitch Ban

Adin Ross had been banned from Twitch after a fellow streamer tagged him and Twitch mods in a post. The post saw the influencer checking his phone while driving.

His fans have, however, called out the platform for banning him as they deem the ban uncalled for. However, Adin has himself stepped up to announce that Twitch is not to be blamed and that it is his fault. He took to his social media and wrote, “Just got banned in twitch. I think it’s a perm guys … this is not good AT ALL. (And) I was at a red light during my irl stream and I read chat off of my phone. I am 100% in the wrong I’m so sorry. Idk when I’m gonna be back tho … I’m shaking rn I’m so sorry I feel horrible”.

The issue was put to rest, however, he was heard saying a few things in a recent video. In an interview with The Daily Stardust, Adin might have said a few things which can be used against him. The streamer seemingly changed his story about reading chats at a red stoplight but also confessed something else.

Adin shared that he got banned from Twitch and thanked God that it was just for a weel. In addition, he said that it was his fault and he was texting and driving in his Lambo. Further, he stated that he could have killed someone and Twitch did the right thing. The streamer said he still loves Twitch.

“I was doing this stuff all over the place, at least three or four times.”

After this statement, he paused for a moment where the interviewer asked him, “It looked like it was pretty safe though because you said it was at a stop sign?” Adin responded to this and declined there was a stop sign. The streamer said, “No, so it wasn’t at a stop sign, but I didn’t even realize bro because I do it all the time. I was doing this stuff all over the place, at least three or four times. I deserve that ban, I’m taking full accountability for it, and I’m just gonna learn and be better. That’s just how you do it, you know what I mean?”

Adin might have worsened the situation a little as this confession could extend his ban on Twitch. Many fans, however, are taking this incident lightly but as per the law, it is illegal to check the phone and drive. It is unclear what will happen next after his new confession.

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