5 Secret Photos of MS Dhoni coaching Indian Players at T20 World Cup

5 Secret Photos of MS Dhoni coaching Indian Players at T20 World Cup

Have a look at 5 unseen photos of the legendary MS Dhoni coaching Indian players at the T20 World Cup 2021. Scroll down below to see the photos.

MS Dhoni having a look at a Bat to check whether it is perfect for match

You needed to bat well, and they did that, and put pressure on the bowlers. They just took the game away in the first 6 overs. 250 would’ve been closer to par given the way they were going. It was stopping a bit when their wristspinners were bowling, and it started coming on better later, that’s when Ruturaj capitalised really well.Often when you lose the game it can get brushed under the carpet but it was a brilliant innings.

I think the batsmen must assess quickly what is a good score, and you tend to go hard in the T20 format and then realise that it’s not a 160-180 wicket. They assessed the conditions quickly, and they didn’t let pressure get to the middle order. Deepak was really good with the new ball in earlier games, and we did miss him, because today the bowlers were under the pump.

Dhoni working with India’s Swing King- Bhuvneshwar Kumar

We could have used the dimensions better in terms of setting fields too. It’s important to forget but also learn from this game, because there’s no point learning if this happens in a playoff match.

We are aware of the abilities of the people we have in our batting line-up. That’s why it’s disappointing when we lose. The wicket was behaving really well in the last 3-4 overs, so we knew it’d be much better in the second innings. We just wanted to back ourselves. I am happy I guessed it right.

MSD coordinating with India’s Head Coach Ravi Shastri

They (openers) have been giving good starts, they almost finished off the game in the powerplay. They were going for the kill. Very happy for young Jaiswal, he’s played really well throughout the tournament, we are very sure he’ll make it big. He keeps on eating (laughs). We have been discussing about him from the last 2-3 games. We thought today might be his day.

He has been working hard in the nets, very happy for him. Unbelievable batting by Gaikwad. We are really afraid of a batsman like him. Plays a lot of cricketing shots, there’s no risk the way he plays. We need to respect those type of batsmen.

Mentor Singh Dhoni teaching Hardik Pandya about Bat Grip and Swing.

It was a slow wicket at the start and slightly damp, as the game progressed it got better. It was important for one of the batters to stay till the 14th or 15th over. I didn’t manage to do it in the last few games thankfully it happened today.

I am working on timing the ball really well and trying to maintain my shape. It has worked for me for many years. Right from when I started playing cricket, I have relied on timing. Today also I relied on timing and thankfully it is coming off.

Varun Chakravarthy listening carefully to the suggestions of MSD.

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