10 Times When BTS And Coldplay Proved They Are Besties News

10 Times When BTS And Coldplay Proved They Are Besties

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September 25, 2021

BTS and British rock band Coldplay have proved to be true friends. They have long been fans of each other, but now they are besties since working together for their first-ever collaboration single, “My Universe!”

My Universe– First Ever Collaboration Of BTS and Coldplay

The wait is finally over! British band Coldplay has dropped an audio teaser of their first-ever collaboration ‘My Universe’ with BTS, right ahead of their much-awaited release this Friday, September 24.

On September 24, the digital release of ‘My Universe’ will be accompanied by the Epiphane edition (CD single), followed by the release of Coldplay’s studio album ‘Music Of The Spheres’ in October.

Previously on September 13, after months of speculation, British band Coldplay and South Korean music sensation BTS had finally confirmed they are joining hands for the single ‘My Universe. Both the groups made their announcements on their official social media handles. “#MyUniverse // Coldplay X BTS // September 24th //” wrote Coldplay on Instagram alongside the cover art of the song.

BTSxColdplay Give You New Friendship Goals

While there are various moments where the groups have encouraged each other anyhow, we have compiled some highlights for BTS Army. So. here are ten moments, in no specific order, where the groups showed love and respect for each other, proving they are best friends…

  1. When RM and J-Hope went to a Coldplay concert

Long before they met, the BTS members were fans of Coldplay. After their own 2017 Wings Tour, J-Hope and RM went to see Coldplay perform together, and J-Hope even shared a vlog, talking about how much the band’s concert inspired him.

I just watched the performance of an artist that I’ve liked since I was young, so I was able to gain energy from that. As it’s been a long time since Coldplay has had a performance, I went to watch it.


2. When V said he wanted to collaborate with Coldplay

Like J-Hope, V has been a fan of Coldplay forever. So, of course, anytime he would be asked if there was an artist he wanted to collaborate with, he always said Coldplay!

3. When Coldplay shared their support for BTS’s cover online

Coldplay gave public approval of the “Fix You” cover by BTS by promoting it on all of their official social media accounts. They even shared a sweet message for the group, saying “beautiful” with love from Coldplay’s members in Korean.

4. When Chris Martin couldn’t stop singing their praises

In an interview with Most Requested Live, Chris Martin was asked if he would collaborate with BTS and he said he would like to (and successfully he now has)! He also couldn’t stop talking about how highly he thinks of him, revealing he is just as much a fan of theirs as they are of his.

I love the fact that they are so huge and sing a lot in Korean. They don’t always have to sing in English. …I love them a lot, and so if the right song came along, I wouldn’t ever say no.

Chris Martin

5.  When he visited South Korea to meet them

Fans have been speculating months before “My Universe” was announced since Chris Martin visited South Korea this year. In September, they finally released photos and videos, showing that he truly did meet with the group for the collaboration!

There was a point where I was locked in a little hotel room, was like a cell & I was like; I have no idea what’s going to happen to me, I don’t understand what anyone says, but I hope I meet BTS tomorrow, and it happened.

Chris Martin to Apple Music

6. When Chris Martin explained he felt BTS belonged on “My Universe”

Chris Martin guested on The Kelly Clarkson Show for its Season 3 premiere and explained that the new single would be about crossing boundaries for love.

And we thought, it would be good to sing this with BTS because maybe we’re not supposed to be together. And it turned out to be one of the most fun things ever. I went to Korea to be with them, it’s been amazing.

Chris Martin

7. When Chris Martin gave Jin his guitar

After a performance, Jin complimented Chris’s guitar, so Chris signed it, addressing it to “Worldwide Handsome,” and gave it to him. Jin said he will display it and keep it forever as a family heirloom!

This guitar is a gift from Chris Martin after the performance. I told him that his guitar looked cool and he gladly gave it to me. What an awesome friend! I’ll have to display it nicely at home, it’s going to be a family heirloom now. Thank you, Martin!

— Jin


8. When Coldplay wrote this super detailed description for BTS

In the description of Coldplay and BTS’s lyric video for “My Universe,” they included an about section for BTS for new fans, showing how much they respect them.

9. When Coldplay shared posts about BTS attending the 76th United Nations General Assembly 

They are truly proud friends!

10. When Coldplay gave a shoutout to BTS during their Apollo Theater performance

Chris gave the group a shoutout and also jammed out to the rap line’s parts!