BTS x Coldplay ‘My Universe’: All About Coldtan Collab

The collaboration of Coldplay and BTS is almost here and fans around the world were shocked when someone leaked an audio clip. They claimed it was from their collaboration and it did not help matters when the lyrics website added BTS’ name along with Coldplay.

The British band last dropped their album two years ago called Everyday Life. This latest album, Music of the Spheres have them roping in global K-Pop group BTS for ‘My Universe’; which will have a music video too. We have already got various interactions between the two bands before the confirmation.

BTS was interviewed by Chris Martin which did not help cease the rumours. A few weeks ago, the labels involved also confirmed that BTS will be a part of the pre-released single ‘My Universe’ for Coldplay’s album. They also met each other on September 21 and 22 as BTS was in NYC for the UN General Assembly.

The release date of their collaborative single, ‘My Universe’ and an official lyric video will be released on September 24 at 12 am ET. ‘Inside My Universe’ documentary will be released on September 26 at 8 am ET. There will also be a ‘Supernova 7 Mix’ and an acoustic version will also be released on September 27 at 8 am KST (September 26 at 7 pm ET).

However, the official music video’s release date will be announced later. Fans can tune in to the pre-released single which will be available on all major music stream platforms; like Apple Music, Spotify, MeIOn and more.

Fans Have Started The Trend, My Universe

Coldplay had announced the collab with BTS by releasing the album artwork on September 13. The album artwork has neon spheres and phases of the moon shapes. They further released a photo of the two bands together with the song’s preview. This was shared on TikTok the next day.

There was a small clip that was shared with TikTok; which was a preview of BTS recording the song with Chris Martin. That will be part of the footage for the documentary. On September 22, they also teased the pre-chorus and the chorus of the song with a clip of the lyric video.

Fans have started trending My Universe already as they know there would be a music video for the collab as well. They expressed their excitement by writing, “OHMYGOD WE’RE GETTING A LYRIC VIDEO; A DOCUMENTARY, A REMIX, AN ACOUSTIC VERSION AND AN OFFICIAL MV?@#$>?%#??@ WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.” Another wrote, “Official MV coming soon….both Coldplay and BTS are in NY right now; and BTS said they were busy doing stuff they can’t show right now.”


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