Fans Call BTS x Coldplay’s My Universe Collab Track ‘Heavenly’

The collaboration which was highly anticipated since the beginning of summer has been released. BTS and Coldplay have collaborated on their first song together My Universe which was released on September 24.

This collab has been talked about way before its release because of rumours and audio leaks that were circulating. However, the wait is over but was it worth it? The internet knew way before the announcement that the collaboration was happening. Coldplay will include the track in their upcoming album after almost two years.

To tease fans before the release of Music of the Spheres, the band has been gifting fans with many pre-released singles and the latest one features the global K-Pop group, BTS. Fans of both the bands were excited when they saw the two bands meeting and recording together. In the last few days, they met each other as BTS was in NYC for the UN’s General Assembly.

This only made the announcement even more exciting as they knew there will be an upcoming music video. Coldplay released a schedule and fans’ speculation was absolutely right. Coldtan song is just as amazing as we think the music video will be with less CGI involved. The song is pop-rock with Coldplay and BTS adds that charm which was evident from highlights.

Fans of both the bands are loving the collab as they cannot get over how the two of them have put up Korean verses in the pop-rock single. We can see J-Hope, RM and Suga being credited for their lyrics. But the back and forth rap by Suga and J-Hope caught the ARMY by surprise which led to the trend of Sope. A fan said, “Inject the sope transition into my veins.”

Even the harmonizing of RM and Jimin in different registers was a highlight of the song. A fan pointed out, “NAMJOON AND JIMIN HARMONIZING! IT SOUNDS SO GOOD!” Jin and Jungkook also went all out as usual as ARMY posted, “SEOKJIN’S LINE IN MY UNIVERSE “YOU MAKE MY WORLD LIGHT UP INSIDE”  AND HIS VOICE..” Another fan wrote, “Can’t get enough of Taehyungs heavenly voice, so beautiful and unique.” 


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