Zendaya Talks About How She Wanted Spider-Man: No Way Home To End

 Zendaya discusses the finale of Spider-Man: No Way Home, revealing how she would have preferred the latest MCU Spider-Man film to conclude for MJ.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Zendaya debuted in the MCU as a classmate and later love interest to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx, and J.K. Simmons reprise their roles with Holland, Jacob Batalon, Benedict Cumberbatch, Marissa Tomei, and Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx, and J.K. Simmons.

NWH ending as per zendaya

With reality breaking down and millions of people discovering Spider-true Man’s identity on the edge of overflowing into the MCU’s main universe, Peter (Holland) is left with few options for saving the day. Peter lets his friends leave, keeping them safe from his heroic life while they go to college, by telling Doctor Strange (Cumberbatch) to recast the spell that erased the world’s memories of Peter Parker to include everyone, including Ned (Batalon) and MJ (Zendaya).

While the ending of No Way Home leaves room for future storylines, it’s unclear how Peter’s buddies will return, with Zendaya saying she wished things had ended differently.

Zendaya and Holland were asked about how the film’s climax might affect fans, considering their own sad feelings, in a spoiler-heavy interview with Marvel.com weeks before the release of No Way Home. Zendaya apologized and clarified that she wanted to see Peter and MJ graduate from high school together.

Holland agreed before apologizing for the bitter-sweet experience, saying it was what it was before both understood younger fans would see the film’s emotional scenes as well.

Take a look at the following exchange

Zendaya: I’m sorry, I wanted Peter and MJ to go to college [together].

HollandI wanted them to have a happy ending. We’re still here, we’re feeling good. We’re proud of the movie. It would have been so nice for them to go to college, and just swing off into the sunset. Unfortunately, this is the way it is.

Zendaya: There’s going to be a lot of really upset little kids that are going to be like, [mimics wailing].

Holland: We may be teaching young kids a lesson they might not be ready for. But, [at least the movie’s] entertaining.

With no knowledge of Peter Parker from Ned, MJ, or the rest of the MCU, and Aunt May (Tomei) dying at the hands of Norman Osborn (Dafoe), Peter is completely alone. While this conclusion addresses the MCU’s controversial and divisive close relationships, While bringing Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) closer to his comic counterpart, Peter also allows for a cleaner start in the event that Sony and Marvel Studios break ways. Though both parties are sure that they will continue to collaborate on future Spider-Man films, no formal, binding agreements for any future MCU adventures have yet been reached.

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