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Zareen Khan talks about how she bagged a role in Salman Khan’s film after she met him as a fan

Zareen Khan had made her Bollywood debut with Salman Khan’s film Veer which was released back in the year 2010!

Actress Zareen Khan is celebrating her 33rd birthday today. And while she’s at it, she has revealed how she made her debut with Salman Khan’s film.

Talking to Bollywood Life, she said, “I was on Salman’s film shoot. He was shooting for Yuvvraaj , I remember. And I was there as a fan or whatever you’d want to call it. And I had no idea that a conversation that was happening with me as a fan would change my life. I never ever thought that I’d be an actress. I had met Salman purely as a fan and we happened to start talking.”

When Salman asked for her pictures, she showed whatever she had in her phone. But when asked for a proper portfolio, Zareen said that she doesn’t have it. It was on the same day, when the superstar helped her make her portfolio and she was soon auditioning for Veer.


“By evening, I got to know that they are thinking about me for the one of the biggest films being made at the time. Yes, I was asked to give an audition because the director, Anil Sharma sir, wasn’t really sure if I would be able to speak fluent Hindi,” she added.

Zareen had finally made her Bollywood debut alongside Salman Khan in 2010 with the film Veer.

Meanwhile, the actress is celebrating her birthday with her mother and sister at home in this lockdown.

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