YouTuber Corpse Husband To Release His New Song On Friday, Sept 3 News

YouTuber Corpse Husband To Release His New Song On Friday, Sept 3

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September 2, 2021

The famous streamer and YouTuber Corpse Husband has announced the release date of his new song.

His musical career has been a grand hit so far including collaboration with high-profile artists like Machine Gun Kelly.

Why Was The Song Delayed?

While Corpse Husband’s upcoming song was scheduled for an August release, the plan had to be postponed. But now since the new date for release has been confirmed, Corpse Husband explains why the song couldn’t make it for the August release.

“So, I may have made a few miscalculations,” he explained.

“So, you’re supposed to release new music on Fridays, and to my sheer dismay, August doesn’t just coincidentally end on a Friday. However, September 3rd is a Friday, and that’s in a couple days.”

Corpse Husband has also released a small teaser/snippet of the upcoming song calling it a ‘club beat’. Fans and followers are anticipating another huge hit from the streamer.

‘Endless Support On Friday’

In a voice-note tweet that Corpse Husband sent out talking about his new song and it’s release date, fans sent out congratulatory comments and expressed their excitement for the song.

The Tweet has fetched over 104k likes at the time of writing this article. Have a look at the tweet;

Fellow streamer Valkyrae commented ‘i shall provide endless support on friday’

Another fan wrote “YOUVE BEEN WORKING SO HARD!!! am so excited for you :’) Luv u”

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