xQc Talks About How Twitch Is Fighting Back To YouTube Gaming

Popular gam streaming platform Twitch faced immense competition from rival YouTube Gaming in the previous few months as the latter signed many of Twitch’s biggest streamers in exclusive deals.

YouTube Gaming signed streamers like Dr Lupo and TimTheTatman to exclusively stream on their platform. Twitch certainly sweated out while YouTube Gaming made heavy progress.

Twitch Vs YouTube Gaming

One of the biggest Twitch streamers, xQc has now talked about how Twitch is trying to fight back to YouTube Gaming. xQc thinks that Twitch’s strategy to retain streamers is to unban the ones who were ‘indefinitely banned’ in the past.

As more and more big names continue to shift from Twitch to YouTube Gaming, there is not other way for Twitch to keep its relevance.

What Did xQc Say?

“There’s been something going on. I feel like YouTube is making a push, and apparently, Twitch is being stubborn. YouTube is buying out more streamers to go to their platform, and it seems like Twitch is firing back by unbanning previously banned streamers,” said the streaming star.

xQc continued: “Listen, don’t get mad at me, it’s just an idea that I had. What I noticed is that a lot of people who were banned before are getting unbanned. And nobody got unbanned for a while now, right? In the last month, there’s been a crazy amount, like six? seven?”

Plan To Relocate To Los Angeles

The streamer has recently said that he plans to relocate to Los Angeles. He said that it might be the Shitcamp “honeymoon phase,” but he “actually really enjoyed LA” and would “want to give it another try.”

Explaining further, the streamer also said that he appreciated the “energy of the city” and that it was “actually a lot of fun.”

Apart from the opportunity to collab with other big names and creating content , the social life of LA also hooked Twitch streamer xQc. He says “Maybe I’m in my highschool phase, but it just feels like whenever you’re out, you’re at the place where you should be for some reason.”


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