Twitch Streamer xQc Plans To Relocate To Los Angeles

Twitch streamer xQc is one of the most popular streamers on the planet. His content is a dose of remedy to fans across the globe.

The streamer earlier resided in Los Angeles when he had to take a decision to move houses because of a threat from armed intruders.

xQc Might Return To LA

However, it seems like xQc might be planning to go back to the LA vibes again. But what made him think so? Well, it is Shitcamp 2021.

Sh**camp 2021 is a friendly get-together of content-creators and streamers. It was helf in Los Angeles this year and xQc took part in it as well along with fellow streamers such as Ludwig, Mizkif, and more.

Pokimane called xQc the hottest streamer on Twitch during Shitcamp 2021 and that’s a story of it’s own. You can check that out here.

Energy Of The City

Coming back to the streamer’s decision to move back to LA, it is because he misses the ‘energy of this city’.

He said that it might be the Shitcamp “honeymoon phase,” but he “actually really enjoyed LA” and would “want to give it another try.”

Explaining further, the streamer also said that he appreciated the “energy of the city” and that it was “actually a lot of fun.”

Apart from the opportunity to collab with other big names and creating content , the social life of LA also hooked Twitch streamer xQc. He says “Maybe I’m in my highschool phase, but it just feels like whenever you’re out, you’re at the place where you should be for some reason.”

What Holds Twitch Streamer xQc Back?

But every coin has two sides, so does the pros of LA. The bad thing about Los Angeles, as per the streamer is it’s traffic. And most LA residents could relate to his problem too.

“The problem is the traffic, it gets on my nerves,” he said.

So can we expect the Twitch streamer to relocate to Los Angeles? Most probably yes but so far, there is no cemented announcement from him so the best thing we could do is have our fingers crossed and wait.


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