xQc Requests His Fans To Donate And Subscribe To Small Streamers Rather Than Him

xQc is one of the most popular streamers on the planet. Having close to 10 million followers on Twitch, he is regarded as the most successful streamer of today’s time.

Recently, xQc requested his fans not do subscribe or donate money to him on his streams. He pleaded his viewers to rather donate the money to some other small streamer. But why did xQc say so?

What Did xQc Say?

In one of his latest streams, the Canadian Twitch streamer was discussing about the different streams of income on twitch. While earlier most money came from fans in the form of super chat, donations, subscribers, etc, it is no longer the case anymore.

xQc revealed that a big chunk of his income comes from ‘large corporations’ who use xQc’s Twitch channel for brand endorsement and brand deals.

This is what xQc said to his fans regarding the issue:

“More serious topic, I talk about this almost never. There used to be a time where all the revenue, and all the money the stream made, came from people’s contributions. Subs, donos, bits. But these days… it’s not even close. Money comes – primarily and insane amounts – from corporate and other parties that are not chat.”

How Does xQc Make Money?

A lot of money comes from corporates in comparison to viewer donations, he clarified.

“If you guys watch smaller streamers, subscribe to these guys and use your Prime [subscriptions] for smaller streamers… But by ratio, a lot of money comes from corporate.”

It is evident that xQc makes a lot of money through Twitch. He recently bought a $300,000 super car McLaren 720s Spider for himself.

While showing the picture of the sports car on his screen, xQc said “it’s a McLaren 720s Spider. Guys, I had to pull the trigger. I haven’t bought anything for myself in the past whatever years, dude. And when I saw this I just wanted it. That’s just what I want, it is what it is.”

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