xQc Rages At A Stream Sniper Who Tried To Make Him Lose Constantly

xQc is one of the biggest Twitch streamers on the planrt. With such a fame, comes three things – Lovers, Haters, and of course, Stream Snipers.

xQc was recently seen raging verbally at a stream sniper who constantly tried to distract him and make him lose in a game. Stream snipers are no new phenomenon on Twitch. They are everywhere.

Stream Sniping On Twitch

All popular streamers, sometimes even the smaller ones, have faced a stream sniper one time or the other in their career. They are annoying viewers who join the same game as the streamer and try to cause troubles. While many streamers enjoy and make fun of these stream snipers, xQc was in no mood to do so.

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Another Twitch Dr Disrespect also had his fair share of experience with stream snipers. He even ended up uninstalling the entire Warzone game after encounter a single stream sniper who ruined his gaming experience.

What Did xQc Say?

xQc, on the other hand labelled stream snipers as ‘lonely’ and ‘pathetic’ people as he was raging on. The streamer was playing the famous and addictive game Fall Guys while a stream sniper started creating mischief. The stream sniper constantly nudged xQc and tried to make him lose the game.

xQc said that the stream sniper was ‘annoying’ and would never amount to anything in life.

“Okay, you’re done! Holy sh*t! You have no friends, you’re a failure… you’re a degenerate! Nobody likes you! I get it, you’re lonely, now you die,” he yelled, trying to stay alive while yelling. “Just quit the f**king game!

“I can’t f**king deal with the kid dude,” the Twitch star yelled on stream. “On my ass, the whole game, just sucking my balls like the whole f**king game.”


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