xQc Was Mistaken To Be A Meth Addict During A Twitch SWAT Raid

xQc is one of the biggest Twitch streamers on the planet. However, being the best in the businesses comes with some cons and that con for xQc is facing SWAT raids while streaming.

Twitch streamers get swatted on a regular basis and the outcome can even turn fatal. It is one of the biggest problems that content creators on the platform face.

xQc Has Faced Swat Raids Many Times

Swatting is basically when a viewer makes a ‘fake / hoax’ call to the SWAT team and reports that the streamer is an illegal person or a criminal / felon who is doing some illegal stuff at the place. This prompts the SWAT team to raid the streamer’s address while he or she is busy streaming.

xQc has faced quite a few swat raids in his Twitch streaming career but fortunately for him, the results weren’t too bad. In one of his recent streams, xQc talks about the time when the swat raid team thought that he was a ‘meth addict’.

Mistaken To Be A Meth Addict

The swat team asked xQc about when was the last time he ate food and when xQc answered, they did not seem to be convinced.

“I think they thought I was, like, a meth addict. They kept asking ‘Dude, when was the last time you’ve eaten?’ and I was like ‘Six hours ago.’ Like, ‘No, dude, give me the truth man. When was the last time you got food?’”

xQc added that the swat raid team thought that he was “a crazy meth head that’s been up for days not eating any food.”

Once again, for those that don’t know: swatting refers to the practice of making a prank call to emergency services in an attempt to dispatch a larger number of armed police officers to a certain address. Not only is the practice illegal, but it can and has lead to injury and death. So never plan to try this on anyone.


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